Professional Consulting Makes the Music

We now have more than 30 years of experience in the "concert" of the aviation industry. With our knowledge, we develop highly efficient solutions for all of today's and tomorrow's challenges. Our know-how is incorporated into many aircraft of various manufacturers and types built around the globe.

More and more aircraft manufacturers take advantage of our expertise starting in the earliest development phase in order to optimize part design and productivity. These users benefit from our consulting competence in the areas of factory planning (with the simulation of production processes and capacity) as well as in efficiency assessment  associated with planned measures, and comprehensive operating and investment cost calculations.

Going through everything once to make sure that it will all run smoothly

Increasing time and cost pressure is most effectively countered with a systematic approach prior to constructing a new production line or by improving the efficiency of the existing system.

You are planning a new production site but you are not yet sure how the individual processes interact, what the material flow looks like and what this means with regard to efficiency and follow-up costs? Or you would like to increase the performance of your existing production line? We ensure a perfect interaction through planning and simulation of your production line to clearly answer the following questions:

  • How many machines are needed?
  • What is the machine load and throughput?
  • What is the production capacity?
  • Where are the bottlenecks?
  • What is the man-loading requirement?
  • What happens in case of machine down time?

Planning takes into account:

  • Definition of the factory floor layout
  • Material flow analysis and optimization
  • System layout and grouping
  • Integration of transport systems
  • Operational processes: personnel/material, i.e. shift plans, quantities and quantity adjustments

Conclusion: You can recognize and avoid problems at an early stage; you can minimize your investment costs and optimize system performance.

Rehearsing means understanding

To warrant stable production processes, the underlying technology and process must be analyzed and understood. We have excellent trial and test equipment to rehearse emergency situations. Joining and assembly processes can thus be analyzed in a production-like environment:

  • Robot testing-cell, with pre-installed Cell-Control® for exact positioning, adaptation for different process end effectors to reproduce drilling, riveting and joining processes, workpiece frames to secure workpieces with common production procedures
  • High-performance end-effector test stand to test position-independent process tools, rivet joints, bolt and  collar installations
  • 8-axis robot test cell to manufacture components made from composite fiber materials, complete with end-effector to process dry fibers

For Successful On-Site Performance

Process planning and the layout of production lines are among our core competencies. We also handle the turn-key integration of the production line on-site at our customer's premises.

From our performance "canon":

  • Definition of the production process according to customer demands
  • Planning and calculation of tasks
  • Definition and implementation of transport concepts
  • Planning of materials flow and logistics
  • Planning and implementation of software solutions for production control
  • Coordination and integration of subcontractors
  • Turn-key installations

Continuously Fulfilling Dreams for the Future

Broetje-Automation is participating in forward-looking research projects in the aerospace industry. Among others, we work with the following major research institutions:


Joint projects:

  • Manufacture and assembly of components made from composite fiber materials
  • Assembly of components made from high-quality aluminum-lithium/scandium alloys
  • Development of friction-stir-welding applications to create high-strength component joints without overlaps

Efficiency Always Sets the Tone

Every investor wants to know if an investment is worthwhile. What are the costs associated with the acquisition, financing and operation of the systems? What is the effect on labor costs, on quality costs?

It is important to know when mechanization makes sense with new projects. Focusing on cost and capacity, up to what point is manual production economically more feasible? We set benchmarks and analyze the cost impacts under different scenarios.

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