From Our Repertoire

Broetje-Automation optimizes your processes with solutions suited for:

  • Automated assembly with fastening machines any kind
  • The manufacture and handling of components made from metal for the positioning from all aircraft assemblies to the flight ready aircraft
  • The manufacture and handling of components made from carbon fiber composites

We thus harmoniously integrate our systems, e.g. for drilling, riveting or fiber placement, into your assembly processes. Included in our repertoire are also the perfect tools and solutions for manual assembly.

Automated Assembly
Symphony for More Efficiency

Perfectly harmonized robot systems interplay to optimize material flow and production line outputs. Fully automated fastening and positioning solutions often set the tone within high throughput factories.

We also develop individual automated solutions for less sophisticated processes. The key for automation is always to achieve greater productivity and quality.

The soul of our solutions is our own software: Soul. It controls the processes within and between the automated stations.

Clear the stage for: the perfect assembly performance!

Station and platform concepts from Broetje-Automation follow the contour of the aircraft thus granting the assemblers optimal access to the work area. The platforms are fitted with traps, extensions and moving guard rails. It is a matter of course that all safety relevant and ergonomic requirements are met.

The platforms are equipped with stairs, facilities supply and, optionally, with integrated hoisting gear and lighting. An appropriate sensor system protects the work pieces.

Our weight-optimized platforms are either stationary or mobile, depending on the requirements; mobile platforms come with a reliable and user-friendly drive.

Dreams of the Future in Today’s Program

Broetje-Automation is well versed in pioneering technologies to meet the demands faced in dealing with today’s new high-tech materials.
Broetje Automation’s  focus now includes innovative machines and equipment for the production of composite material focusing on Fiber Placement Machines, Tape Laying Robots, Continuous Pre-Forming and 3D-Handling Systems for any type of composite material.

Facilitating and Improving Technical Dexterity

Many qualitative production steps can only be carried out manually by experienced specialists. We also offer suitable systems and tools within  the areas of structural aircraft assembly that cannot be automated.

All jigs and stations are based on process knowledge and industry expertise. We optimize every manual process step for improved rate and quality across all of the different types of aircraft structures.

Precision Prestissimo and Modular

Moving assembly is the drum beat. With Broetje-Automation, you can set up highly flexible, lean and cost-efficient assembly lines: You can achieve ergonomic objectives, achieve higher production rates, and have interfaces to logistical systems.

Specially developed software and the monitoring system control the production flow and report status. The modular system is highly flexible and can be easily expanded or relocated.

The standardized modules integrate media, energy and data connections.

The system features  a positioning unit to ensure comfortable and ergonomic working heights for the assembly technicians. Further demand-specific modules such as transport and return lines keep production moving.

The BA success formula for assembly lines:
Modular + flexible + expandable + easy to relocate = cost effective

Even Small Instruments are Part of the Orchestra

Turnkey production includes not only assembly systems but also many small tools required to process components or assemblies. Together with partner companies specialized in these tools, Broetje-Automation is well positioned as your supplier in this field.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we can assess which tools in specific quantities that are needed at the beginning of the planning phase.

We guarantee fast and cost-effective delivery regardless of the project being a simple design modification, or in support of  a major production ramp-up.

A perfect arrangement - Our software solutions for more efficiency in your automated assembly

The harmonious interplay of all value creation steps in an industrial production environment requires a holistic approach that interconnects every step of the process. Our software solutions ensure that you get the most out of your assets. From the production preparation, through effective operation to a optimization of the process through a machine learning approach, our software suites supports customers in gaining an competitive advantage for his production.

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