Clear the stage for: the perfect assembly performance!

Station and platform concepts from Broetje-Automation follow the contour of the aircraft thus granting the assemblers optimal access to the work area. The platforms are fitted with traps, extensions and moving guard rails. It is a matter of course that all safety relevant and ergonomic requirements are met.

The platforms are equipped with stairs, facilities supply and, optionally, with integrated hoisting gear and lighting. An appropriate sensor system protects the work pieces.

Our weight-optimized platforms are either stationary or mobile, depending on the requirements; mobile platforms come with a reliable and user-friendly drive.

The art of precious joining

The assembly of airframe structures means the joining of large and heavy components with high precision.

In order to combine the highest quality with an easy-to-operate system, Broetje-Automation has developed a fully integrated still modular control system: the EcoPositioner. A conception of a modular and reconfigurable positioning technology which provides highest flexibility and assures upmost product quality for aircraft structural assembly. 

It integrates the measuring system with the central data processing and the NC drive controls.

The positioning system can be used for various types of structural assembly applications.

Based on the two product lines – the horizontal and verical EcoPositioner line, and due to Broetje-Automation’s modular strategy, more than 100.000 configurations of positioners can be realized. 

ECO Positioner: more than 100.000 configurations, 5 sustainable benefits

  • Reduction of cost per unit
  • Higher productivity
  • Maximum quality
  • Highest flexibility of assembly stations
  • Modular concept of already installed positioners

We see to the safe transport of your product!

Our specially designed transport jigs ensure that individual parts, complete assemblies or sections such as wings, flight control surfaces, and fuselage sections are safely transported to their destination.

Safe to Destination

During the design phase, we make sure that:

  • Stringent safety guidelines for the design and structural analysis of the jigs are strictly observed
  • All materials used are documented with the corresponding supplier or manufacturer certificates
  • All transport jigs are weight-optimized.

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