The art of precious joining

The assembly of airframe structures means the joining of large and heavy components with high precision.

In order to combine the highest quality with an easy-to-operate system, Broetje-Automation has developed a fully integrated still modular control system: the EcoPositioner. A conception of a modular and reconfigurable positioning technology which provides highest flexibility and assures upmost product quality for aircraft structural assembly. 

It integrates the measuring system with the central data processing and the NC drive controls.

The positioning system can be used for various types of structural assembly applications.

Based on the two product lines – the horizontal and verical EcoPositioner line, and due to Broetje-Automation’s modular strategy, more than 100.000 configurations of positioners can be realized. 

ECO Positioner: more than 100.000 configurations, 5 sustainable benefits

  • Reduction of cost per unit
  • Higher productivity
  • Maximum quality
  • Highest flexibility of assembly stations
  • Modular concept of already installed positioners

IJAC: Integrated Joining Assembly Cell

During fuselage assembly, the individual sections are joined to form the complete fuselage. The individual fuselage sections are first loaded into the station. Supported with laser measuring technology, they are subsequently joined in an automated positioning process.

We employ a special measuring system to warrant the required joining precision across longer distances: so-called cat eyes (targets) are attached directly onto the fuselage sections which are detected by the laser. Next, the actual 3D position data is collected and synchronized with the target data; every component is subsequently aligned in its precise joining position via NC-control and position correction.

Maximum precision for every section

Flexible Section Assembly Cell - Flexible section assembly

During section assembly, the shells are joined with the floor grids to one section. Our system is capable of holding up to four ribs and one floor grid as well as various other parts such as milled ribs, keel beams and wing/fuselage boxes

The floor grids and shells must be precisely positioned before they are joined to a finished barrel. The required positioning accuracy is achieved via laser technology which is integrated in the control and measurement technology.

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