Automated Assembly
Symphony for More Efficiency

Perfectly harmonized robot systems interplay to optimize material flow and production line outputs. Fully automated fastening and positioning solutions often set the tone within high throughput factories.

We also develop individual automated solutions for less sophisticated processes. The key for automation is always to achieve greater productivity and quality.

The soul of our solutions is our own software: Soul. It controls the processes within and between the automated stations.

Separate Units, Perfect Interplay

Many of the fastening systems built by Broetje-Automation have two separate positioning units, e.g. upper and lower anvil. These units are usually traversed interdependently.

The axis configuration can be adapted to suit particular needs, e.g. to meet specific process and space requirements.

Automation Harmonizes Productivity, Cost Reduction and Quality Assurance

The sealing of aircraft structures requires absolute precision in applying the appropriate sealant. Still primarily done manually, this task is time consuming and requires skilled and artistic professionals.

BA has succeeded in automating this process thereby ensuring quality while increasing productivity. Specially developed software enhances standard robots to high-precision manufacturing systems. The controller and BA developed proprietary patented variable applicator heads enable perfect sealant application to a wide variety of components.

That pays off:

  • Cost reduction through standardization
  • Decrease in both labor costs and material consumption
  • Productivity increase
  • Consistently high quality
  • Increased environmental sustainability

Perfectly tuned production

Tailored software solutions optimize individual process steps and join them to form a harmonious whole. The entire production process turns into a seamless, fully integrated solution with clear interfaces.

Productive triad:

  • Preparation, operation and optimization
  • Supporting the whole process chain
  • Integrated interfaces

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