Separate Units, Perfect Interplay

Many of the fastening systems built by Broetje-Automation have two separate positioning units, e.g. upper and lower anvil. These units are usually traversed interdependently.

The axis configuration can be adapted to suit particular needs, e.g. to meet specific process and space requirements.

Our strong all-rounder

The new BA-robot Power RACe owns all the requirements for all aircraft part assemblies. As highly flexible, with an automated positioning system the Power RACe fulfills all requirements perfectly in processing time, performance and precision in the assembly of aircraft parts.

Different components, as wing box, stabilizers, fuselage etc., can be automated drilled and riveted by the mobile robot.

Stronger, faster, more precise

  • Tried and tested drive and control technology
  • Higher throughput speed
  • High clamp force
  • Highest accuracy through precision sensor module and positioning system
  • Highly flexible solution convenient movability and fast tool changer
  • Offline programming

Multi Panel Assembly Cell - universal riveting system: Excellent ensemble for diversified pieces

New, flexible and modular solutions that already take tomorrow's requirements into account today, are always needed in aircraft construction: to produce different types of aircrafts, including future designs. This is exactly what the new flexible MPAC riveting system of Broetje-Automation is designed to do.

We have put a special focus on the automated drilling and riveting of shells and skin panels for fuselages as well as for wings. An innovative 10-axes positioner makes the system extremely adaptable.

Integrated into the new MPAC system is our successfully established automated-electrical riveting system designed to rivet, for example, stringers, ribs, skin panels and shells.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Utmost adaptability for current and future aircraft programs
  • Improved accessibility and maintainability
  • Greater flow and production rates
  • Outstanding cost-efficiency
  • Lower facility height
  • Integrable in assembly line
  • Offline programming


C-Frame Panel Assembly Cell - C-frame riveting system: Resilient classic

The C-frame riveting system is the "classic" riveter that can rivet everything from small to large fuselage panels. The model by Broetje-Automation is known for its high precision and robust longevity.

Advantages at a glance:        

  • Precise alignment of component and anvils
  • Secure clamping of the components to be processed during drilling and riveting processes
  • Fully-automated processes - CNC-controlled
  • Offline programming

Integrated Panel Assembly Cell - skin panel riveting system: Fail-safe, compact, fast

The IPAC system convinces with lasting functional reliability: it facilitates the fast assembly of fuselage skin panel and wing panels with the utmost degree of reliability.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Minimal space requirement (on the shop floor)
  • Integrated NC-controlled and adaptable component fastening system
  • Precise positioning of component and riveting system
  • Fully-automated process - all axes are CNC-controlled
  • High-speed riveting process
  • Offline or teach-in programming

Integrated Section Assembly Cell: Assembling precision with virtuousity

Automated processing of 360° aircraft fuselage panels requires the precise harmonization of all single components. The ISAC is a virtuoso when it comes to optimizing the travel of 12 NC-controlled axes for a specific process step. The tuned interplay between end effectors and the fastener feed system allows for drilling and riveting processes to meet the demanding quality requirements in aviation. Our ISAC systems convince with:

  • 360° fuselage panel processing
  • High degree of flexibility due to 12-axis positioner
  • Automated collar installation
  • Processing of metal and CFRP components
  • Extensive array of sensors for the most demanding quality requirements
  • Offline programming

Robot Assembly Cell - Robotic Drilling/Fastening System: Cell-Control®: Consistently High Precision

Standard robots are ideal for easy automation. High-performance, low initial investment cost and most of all, the adaptability of robots make them the perfect choice for efficient automation solutions. Our Cell-Control® software developed specifically for robotics significantly improves positioning accuracy and repeatability of standard robots.

Exemplary Interplay:

  • Standard 6-axis robot
  • Improved accuracy with Broetje-Automation "Cell-Control®" software
  • End Effectors with drilling unit and fastening modules
  • Auto drill change
  • Quick change coupling for automated end-effector change
  • Automated loading and unloading of the component by the robot
  • Offline programming

Frame Assembly Cell - Rib-clip riveting system: As unique as your requirements

Broetje-Automation configures systems for you that are design for the automated riveting of the substructures of skin panels and shells with flexible component holding fixtures. The systems are characterized by extremely valuable advantages:

  • Loading in optimal ergonomic position
  • Flexible NC-controlled component holding fixtures
  • Component rest on the fixtures during the entire riveting process
  • Precise positioning of the anvils (OR riveting tools)
  • Secure component clamping during processing
  • Gapless riveting due to divided, swivel-mounted and extendable clamping bridges
  • Fully-automated process - CNC-controlled
  • Offline or teach-in programming

Vertical Panel Assembly Cell - Vertical riveting system: Remaining clean even with closed structures

Chips and cuttings falling into inaccessible areas pose the main problem with drilling in closed structures. Subsequent cleaning is often not possible.

Our VPAC systems offer a clean drilling process with orbital technology and a strong chip extraction system. With this system there will be no more chips from chipping.

Wing Panel Assembly Cell - Wing Riveting System: Precision for Wings

Our wing riveting system meets the highest demands for modern precision drilling and riveting of fuel tight wing structures.

  • Stationary component - machine alignment
  • Precise rivet head positioning
  • Secure component clamping during the entire process
  • Flush head shaving unit
  • Fully-automated high speed  processes - CNC-controlled
  • Offline programming

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