Facilitating and Improving Technical Dexterity

Many qualitative production steps can only be carried out manually by experienced specialists. We also offer suitable systems and tools within  the areas of structural aircraft assembly that cannot be automated.

All jigs and stations are based on process knowledge and industry expertise. We optimize every manual process step for improved rate and quality across all of the different types of aircraft structures.

Clear the Stage for The Perfect Assembly Performance!

Station and platform concepts from Broetje-Automation follow the contour of the aircraft thus providing the assemblers optimal access to the work area. The platforms are fitted with traps, extensions and moving guard rails. It is a matter of course that all safety relevant and ergonomic requirements are met.

The platforms are equipped with stairs, facilities supply, lighting, and optionally with integrated hoisting gear. An appropriate sensor system protects the work pieces.

Our weight-optimized platforms are either stationary or mobile, depending on the requirements. Mobile platforms come with a reliable and user-friendly drives.

Precision from the Very Beginning

The precise positioning of workpieces by means of a reliable jig is essential for any manual assembly and pre-assembly before subsequent automated processing. In order to support and hold the workpieces, the jigs:

  • must account for the required tolerances of individual parts
  • must ensure the ergonomic accessibility to the assembly areas.

Broetje-Automation has extensive experience in the development of assembly jigs in all areas of aircraft structure and fuselage assembly. Our assembly jigs are characterized by their accurate and  highly-functional design. Comprehensive concepts to reduce tolerance build-up and provide stress-free workpiece frames warrant the highest degree of manufacturing quality possible.

Working together, the performance requirements of your new jigs are realized.

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