Dreams of the Future in Today’s Program

Broetje-Automation is well versed in pioneering technologies to meet the demands faced in dealing with today’s new high-tech materials.
Broetje Automation’s  focus now includes innovative machines and equipment for the production of composite material focusing on Fiber Placement Machines, Tape Laying Robots, Continuous Pre-Forming and 3D-Handling Systems for any type of composite material.

Continuous Composite Preforming System - Award Winning Debut

Automated continuous processing of 3D-shaped and complex composite profiles is made possible for the first time with our Continuous Composite Preforming System. Ribs and stringers are typical aircraft stiffening elements. Such composite components are typically layed up using time-consuming, sequential manual or semi-automated processing methods.

“Presto” in Form

Thanks to our preforming solution, the curved preforms needed today are processed quickly and efficiently. The profiles are made from dry fiber layers and subjected to an extensive refining and preforming process. Complex, multi-layered single preforms are concurrently processed and are then married to a final preform by the composite handling system.

Curved preforms needed for composite ribs can now be manufactured in a rapid and fully-automated process for the first time ever!

Composite Preforming Cell
Changing the Tune with Technical Fibers

For the first time, our Composite Preforming Cell delivers high volume serial production of complex and near-net-shape preforms for composite components through the RTM process.

The fully automated  robotic cell combines several of our own patent-pending solutions, including” the following product developments:

  • Continuous Composite Preforming System
  • Composite Draping System
  • Composite Handling System
  • Composite Trimming System

Broetje Automation; innovative composite manufacturing technology and complete system integrator know-how.

Integrated Composite Handling & Draping System Perfecting the “Unfinished”

Integral system to preform fiber-reinforced composites

Broetje-Automation has refined the proven Composite Handling System. The result; the patented Composite Handling + Draping System. The composite preform process steps, i.e. handling, draping are now executed by an integrated end effector. The Composite Handling System technology and the aviation approved draping and curing methods are combined in perfect synergy: an integral, fully-automated system for all process steps!

Composite Handling System
Innovative Composition: Gentle and Reliable

Automated Handling of Composites

In aircraft construction, the production of composite components is still dominated by manual labor. Until now, the level of automation was limited due to manual process steps that had to be carefully carried out which in turn drove production costs.

Broetje-Automation has succeeded in developing a sophisticated handling system for fiber-reinforced composite suitable for industrial production. Thanks to gentle vacuum technology the system reliably picks up and transports the sometimes highly sensitive and air-permeable textiles (i.e.. carbon or glass fiber prepregs). With this innovative system we put our main focus on maximum protection of the material to be handled and utmost process reliability.

The fully PLC-controlled system combines many features that are unique to the market:

  • high energy efficiency
  • adaptability for various component geometries
  • optimized lightweight construction

Whether used manually or integrated into a fully-automated manufacturing cell: the compact, weight-saving design supports numerous applications. The optional fitting of positioning sensors ensures maximum manufacturing accuracy.

Composite Stacking System (Staxx)

Integrated System for Automated Lay-Up

In the manufacture of modern fiber composites, resin infusion technology is of special interest. This process involves making a lay-up preform of dry fiber semi-finished materials (such as carbon fiber or glass fiber mats) and subsequently impregnating it with resin and heat consolidating it in an oven.

The Composite Stacking System is our contribution to solving this task. The fixation system is conceived for automated operation in the production of stable, shift-free composite lay-up.

The performance features are:

  • handling and positioning of pre-cut fiber material parts from a pick-up point to a deposit point
  • mold tool.

The Composite Stacking System as well as the Composite Handling System and the 3D- Composite Handling System are equipped with our specifically developed vacuum grippers. The integrated individual vacuum gripper control allows the Composite Stacking System to automatically adapt to varying workpiece geometries.

3D Composite Handling System

All-Purpose Automated Handling System

For several years, we have been successfully developing handling systems for dry fiber composites that will be used in future products of the industries for aviation, automotive, and wind energy. Having brought our Composite Handling Systems to a high level of maturity, they have now reached industrial usability.

Materials are frequently required to be placed in or on three-dimensional forms. We have therefore provided our 3D Composite Handling System with 3D ability.

The 3D- Composite Handling System can be fully customized to any workpiece requirements. There are virtually no limits in terms of workpiece geometry.

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