A perfect arrangement - Our software solutions for more efficiency in your automated assembly

The harmonious interplay of all value creation steps in an industrial production environment requires a holistic approach that interconnects every step of the process. Our software solutions ensure that you get the most out of your assets. From the production preparation, through effective operation to a optimization of the process through a machine learning approach, our software suites supports customers in gaining an competitive advantage for his production.

Preparation: Soul OLPS V5

The industry’s leading Off-Line Programming System

Create, simulate and optimize NC programs that run right the first time.

  • Native machine ready code without a post processer
  • Siemens VNCK for the most accurate virtual machine simulation
  • The fastest program edits, with automated NC program updating for changed CAD and process data
  • Minimal implementation time for new machines
  • Support for 3rd party machines
  • No annual license costs

Preparation: Soul MachineSimulator V5

The most accurate virtual twin simulation environment

Confidently validate NC programs that run right the first time.

  • Full machine simulation including comprehensive collision detection and axis travel checks
  • Integrated Siemens Virtual NC Kernel (VNCK) for the most accurate virtual machine simulation
  • Native machine code driven simulation
  • Comprehensive command syntax and logic checks
  • Support for 3rd party machines
  • No annual license costs

Operation: Soul Dynamic Job Control

Ensure the correct programs are run in-sequence for each and every workpiece

Automate the download and execution of NC programs, and empower machine operators with run-time configuration controls

  • Avoid workpiece damage by ensuring that the correct program revisions are run in the proper sequence
  • Automate your Distributed Numerical Control (DNC) workflows
  • Empower machine operators to safely deal with workpiece issues such as missing features and components
  • Natively supported by the Soul OLPS V5 and Score HMI

Operation: Soul RMOS V5

Runtime protection for workpieces and machines

Reduce machine downtime and collisions, with the industry’s leading online path creation and collision detection solution.

  • Seamless path creation, simulation and execution on the machine
  • Online machine movement simulation with virtual cameras
  • Integrated Siemens Virtual NC Kernel (VNCK) for the most accurate virtual machine simulation
  • Real-time bi-directional machine to virtual twin synchronization
  • Support for 3rd party machines
  • No annual license costs

Operation: Score

The integrated and intuitive operator HMI

Reduce operator training while increasing machine productivity and quality.

  • Minimize operator fatigue, errors and training
  • Users are guided through manual processes, to improve consistency and quality
  • Integrated online diagnostic utilities

Operation: Line Management Systems

Tailored digital integration solutions for new or existing production lines.

Improve speed and consistency by controlling and monitoring your complete production line

  • Integrated automated and manual process control
  • Application-specific flexibility with customer environment integration
  • Flexible integration options for customer MES and ERP systems

Optimization: Soul Diagnostics

An innovative multi-machine data analytics solution

Improve production rate and quality by empower users with the industry’s most advanced solution for identifying, valuing and monitoring improvements.

  • Maximizes production improvements with existing resources
  • Actionable user assistance for production managers, machine operators, machine support, NC programming, manual operations and quality assurance.
  • No new hardware or manual processes; Totally automated analysis and reporting based on existing machine history data
  • Online and offline functionality to explain both current status and historical development
  • Scalable from one machine up to heterogeneous machine clusters

Optimization: Soul Post-Production Reporting

Analysis and reporting tools to get the most from your machinery.

Improve machine productivity and workpiece quality with automated post-production reporting

  • Machine status and availability analysis
  • Efficiency Diagnostics, Process Diagnostics and Workpiece Documentation
  • Improve manual process efficiency with user-friendly images of missed, skipped and failed cycle locations
  • Machine alarm log analysis and reporting
  • Integrated online diagnostic utilities improve workpiece quality and machine productivity

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