From the first movement until the finale

As a TIER-1 supplier, Broetje-Automation offers you individual planning, design and integration of all production steps comprehensively up to initial commissioning. You will benefit from trouble-free material flows and a high-efficient production.

Well-harmonized trio:

  • Tender Documents
  • Supplier Pre-Selection
  • Transaction

Writing the Score

The process starts with a detailed analysis of the customer process and specific requirements and conditions for an assembly line. Once the analysis is finished, our project planning team starts to establish a capacity and equipment roadmap illustrating how the factory or assembly line can be organized with the necessary equipment for fulfilling the desired production rate.

A first overall milestone plan for the delivery of the different stations will be projected. In the end, the milestone plan will show which station will start the production and when, according to the desired customer assembly order.

The product of this phase is the development of specifications to describe the different machines, jigs and tools in detail. A bill of material will be added, as well as a detailed project management plan.

Selecting the Right Players

A major task in integrated turnkey project management is supply chain control: thus the on-time delivery of complete machines, systems and equipment for the corresponding production line.

Stringent supply chain management is the key to a successful project.

Purchaser, quality manager, schedule manager, and expediter form a team to monitor the delivery of subprojects as well as the timeline and required quality for the integration.

The core responsibility of the team is to select suitable suppliers. Guided by defined equipment specifications, the budget, and the schedule, the team jointly evaluates the supplies following a defined selection process.

Skillfully dictating the beat

As project management is one of the core competences of Broetje-Automation, we have a strong, globally set Turnkey Project Management department. The staff is stationed around the world, usually including native speakers in the respective locations. Individual development programs serve to update and extend the knowledge base of our staff.

In the past, we developed the project management suite BA-PROJECT. The suite contains all necessary tools to control and report the actual status of the project

Integrated project management tool set "BA-PROJECT"

  • Strictly organized project communication plan
  • Supply chain management
  • Integrated milestone system joining customer and BA milestones

Our committed customer consultants round it off. They provide the desired know-how from design to production as well as flexible, highly professional integration of external staff.

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