Ensuring Production

The harmonious triad of know-how, continuous improvement and a high level of efficiency together with maximum process reliability is the key note for your success. This is exactly what our service portfolio is attuned to.  Based on this portfolio we create individual full-service maintenance packages tailored to the customer, including the integration of third party services.  This is how we secure your sustainable competitiveness:

Composed to Compete

BA Services GmbH supports your production with intelligent benefits and services for more perfection.  With the entire expertise and experience of Broetje-Automation. BA Services offers the development and advancement of know-how and helps you increase the efficiency of the production department even more, for instance by outsourcing production and logistic processes.

Moreover, we will optimize your production flow and your existing machines.

There Right on Cue

Broetje-Automation is available for you 24/7 via our service hotline. Together with our service staff, the person responsible for the machine at your end will be able to resolve operator errors or component performance faults directly. Assigning your service case a top priority is what makes our service task force stand out. The direct involvement of project design engineers and specialists, whenever needed, ensures delivering the fastest solution to the problem. The aims are always:

  • fast and professional problem solving
  • reduced out-of-production time
  • increasing your productivity and competitiveness

In addition to our telephone hotline, we also offer you remote access, our customer service portal and the machine file.

A Good Call

The Broetje-Automation Service Organization is always available to customers!

The Service Support Hotline is available o you from 6:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. (CET):

0800-BASUPPORT / +49 4402 966200

Languages supported include English, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Spanish and French.

24/7 Rythm

You can access the comprehensive offerings of our BA portal using your normal internet browser. Simply register with our BA portal and you will receive your personal access. Immediately you will be able to get support directly from us in the event of any failure. The service portal is free of charge during the warranty period.

The service portal can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any internet-ready PC and offers the following functions:

  • Preparing service requests (requests for spare parts, fault reports, etc.) with menu-driven user interface through the system down to the single components.
  • Every service request will be forwarded to the service coordinator responsible for that particular region as well as to select service team members. Nothing will be left unattended.
  • The entire communication within the Service Portal will remain visible to the user and service team members at all times.

Here you find our Service-Portal: https://ba-portal.broetje-automation.com/sites/ba-portal#New_App-Display&/LandingPage

Always Connected

On customer request we offer remote access ports at a production site for all our automated stations. These are available to the local Broetje-Automation service teams worldwide - of course, always contingent upon customer authorization.

This network is independent from the customer's internal or MES networks. The link to Broetje-Automation is secured as the router at the customer's site can only communicate with the service PC at Broetje-Automation.

1st class even with “2nd cast”

The Broetje-Automation spare part service ensures maximum availability of your machines and systems. Our original spare parts guarantee the known high OEM quality.

More than just substitutes:

  • High quality spare parts
  • Various OEM packages
  • 24h availability through Service-Hotline and Service-Portal
  • State-of-the-art spare parts
  • Installation and commissioning by Broetje-Automation Service-Team

Only original spare parts from Broetje-Automation will warrant maximum performance and long life of your machines!

Instruments Require Care

Preventive maintenance on systems, machine and operating materials safeguards their operational safety - permanently and cost effectively

  • Preventing system failures
  • Increasing and optimally using the lifetime of systems, machines and operating materials
  • Improving operational safety
  • Increasing system availability
  • Optimizing operational processes
  • Reducing malfunctions
  • Forward-looking cost planning

Our scope of services is adapted to your requirements. Possible inspection and maintenance tasks and intervals require individually designed maintenance concepts. They will be coordinated with you in advance and may independently covering the entire maintenance scope.

Unlock the potential of your equipment

Even in the face of ever shorter "time to market" requirements, we compose individual solutions. To this end we check the entire process chain and optimize its efficiency. Only continuous improvements of processes and machines ensure competitiveness.

Together with you, our specialists will examine the installed equipment: always focused on increasing the efficiency of your production. Afterwards, we will make suggestions on how the optimization potential can be raised, will supplement the documentation, analyze machine down times and will even participate in TPM meetings upon request.

 Instruments for efficiency and operational safety:

  • Production support from our specialists
  • Machine simulations to optimize accessibility, constraining contours and/or traverse paths
  • Drill test to optimize idle times and the quality of the bore
  • NC-programming and/or optimization to reduce cycle times
  • RC/NRC-calculations to assess new investments, conversions or process adjustments
  • Overhaul to avoid costly machine down times
  • OEE-enhancements by adapting processes related to your machine

Well Informed For Best Results

Even the best machines and systems only work as intended when they are operated by trained personnel.

Our training will enable your staff to operate and to service your automation investment efficiently and safely. Commissioning staff and/or members of our training department will provide training:

  • after commissioning/preliminary acceptance on your premises on the machine/ system
  • after final acceptance on site
  • at any desired point of time, preferably on the machine/system on site.

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