BA Thermo - Temperature Detection System

  • Fast temperature screening for access control in public areas
  • Infrared technology for contactless measurement
  • Easy deployment in different multiple environments



BA THERMO is an easy to install contactless solution for quick temperature detection. The highly flexible, low cost system is designed for everyday applications in public areas as well as private companies. It offers a non-medical, fast temperature indication to be used in shops, gyms, public transport, government, industrial environment and many more applications. The system supports measures to protect people in response but not limited to the COVID-19 pandemic. BA THERMO is a simple, cost-effective solution. It includes infrared camera technology as well as an android based app utilizing our state-of-the art vision technology.

Technical Data


Special Features

Health and Safety Support by Thermal Detection

  • The BA Thermo system provides fast and easy feedback about a persons body temperature
  • Screening is possible without taking off protective face masks.
  • Tolerance of the warning temperature range is configurable to individual need
  • Full compliance with european data privacy regulation

High Flexibility for everyday-use applications

  • The lightweight, small system can be easily adopted for many different applications, even with restricted space available.
  • The app is configurable with custom logo, texts and sounds.

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