An Overture to High Productivity

Broetje-Automation is the world's leading expert for production processes in the aerospace industry.

At 23 locations and service centers worldwide, we plan and implement machines and systems for aircraft assembly and production. Our group of companies provides all necessary solutions to equip your factory of the future, both with robots and machines as well as for turnkey factory planning and digital integration from data acquisition to line management. Our global service teams ensure your production is running smoothly and efficient 24/7.

"Composed to Compete" is our promise to continuously expand our process expertise. But above all we promise you, our customers , highly efficient solutions for the ongoing optimization of your production processes thereby enhancing  your competitive edge ..

Our guiding principles are:

  • Personal and reliable cooperation
  • Performance orientation as an expression of our customer relationship
  • Enthusiasm for innovation in our search for optimum solutions

Familiar with all instruments

The total instruments of the aviation industries’ relevant automated assembly processes is our profession. We use large-scale machines to process complex complete fuselages as well as automation solutions based on robots used in production cells for single components. From all of this knowledge we compose sustainable, efficient turnkey production solutions for all types of aircraft.

Compositions of This World

Broetje-Automation is at home wherever our customers have their production sites: supplying machines and systems that exhibit the high performance you are accustomed to. For you this translates into production stability and production reliability through global availability.

Our on-site staff attaches the utmost importance on cross-cultural understanding. For this reason, we employ many "fellow countrymen" who are responsible for the service at our various sites across the globe.

From Steam Machine to Airbus

Broetje-Automation (BA) emerged from the long-established company August Brötje Maschinenbau und Heizungstechnik in 1979. Since 2016 we belong to Shanghai Electric Corp.



In October 2016, Shanghai Electric Group (SEC) acquired a 100-percent stake in Broetje-Automation GmbH. The investment in Broetje-Automation is targeted at expanding the company’s activities in the area of automation technology. Broetje-Automation will act as the lead company in the new business field “Aerospace Automation".

The Company merged the Jaderberg and Wiefelstede sites to one location in Rastede.  With this move Broetje-Automation has combined the Know-How of its 450 employees within its headquarters. End of 2015, Broetje-Automation founded BA Japan K.K. in Nagoya (Japan). The company strengthens its local presence and uses the proximity to customers for improved communication and support.

Broetje-Automation acquired the aircraft assembly technology division from Dürr, a machinery and equipment construction company.  With this new acquisition BA Assembly & Turnkey Systems GmbH was founded – a move which consequently widened the product portfolio.  BA Composites GmbH and Compose 2 Compete GmbH were also established in 2014 thus expanding the Company offerings.

In the first half of 2013 Broetje-Automation established a service company in Jaderberg.  The operational business of both locations - BA Jaderberg GmbH and Broetje-Automation GmbH - were consolidated in Wiefelstede. The year 2013 also saw the founding of the subsidiary Broetje-Automation UK Ltd.

During the fiscal year 2012, Deutsche Beteiligung AG, using the co-investment funds entrusted to them joined forces with the management of BRÖTJE-Automation and indirectly acquired all the shares in the Company from CLAAS KGaA mbH. With this solid foundation BRÖTJE-Automation was well poised to further expand the Company and sustain the growth trend, whilst continuing to focus on our customers’ demands. In connection with this development BRÖTJE-Automation also changed the name to Broetje-Automation and launched the new logo.

The turnover in the fiscal year 2011 reaches approx. 100 million euro for the first time. BRÖTJE-Automation now actively works on expanding its service capabilities worldwide to be able to even better support it's global installed base. Subsidiaries in Asia and Russia are currently in the foundation phase. To expand  the skill sets of our North American Operations we are also actively looking into moving our USA office.

Assignments to plan production systems for new aircraft programs followed. In 2010, BRÖTJE-Automation takes on two turnkey assignments to equip four complete production halls as a turnkey supplier. Today, BRÖTJE-Automation is a recognized "Strategic Supplier" to many of its main customers.

BRÖTJE-Automation acquires Hydro-Control-Steuerungstechnik and supplies riveting tools and robot-based automation solutions from BA Jaderberg.

Broetje Automation –USA, Inc. is founded.

The Claas Gruppe buys the company in 2003. Company growth requires building expansion in Wiefelstede. In addition to Automated Fastening Machines, BRÖTJE-Automation now supplies joining stations and final assembly lines, significantly expanding  its customer base beyond the USA and Europe.

The delivery of the first machine for the automated riveting of aircraft parts is the company's introduction into the aviation industry. Soon after, BRÖTJE-Automation makes sales to the USA and Japan. The company headquarters is moved from Rastede to Wiefelstede. BRÖTJE-Automation establishes itself as a supplier for riveting machines in mulltiple commercial and military aircraft programs of the major aircraft manufacturers - not only in the USA and Europe, but also in Asia and Russia.

After the world war, the company experienced significant growth. By the time "Brötje Heizung" celebrates its 50th company anniversary it has a total of 2,500 employees. In the 70’s, the company not only expands its heat engineering capacities, but also its capacities for mechanical engineering. The subsidiary Brötje-Sümak-Automation builds machine tools and is renamed BRÖTJE-Automation GmbH in 1979.

In 1919, August Brötje founded his first workshop for repairing steam machines and motors in Rastede. Later, he expanded the activities to include the production of band saws as well as zigzag and column-type radiators.

Powerful orchestra in concert

Large concerts require a perfectly tuned orchestra. Careful listening and harmonious interaction are the best parameters for a successful cooperation. Wherever individual talents join together and form ensembles on this basis, masterpieces can emerge that will last.

Mutual trust, continued learning from one another, openness for innovations and fair cooperation are a matter of course for us and set the tone for top performances.

Our suppliers, cooperation partners and employees play music together: composed to compete - for the benefit of our customers.

Our Mssion

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