Powerful orchestra in concert

Large concerts require a perfectly tuned orchestra. Careful listening and harmonious interaction are the best parameters for a successful cooperation. Wherever individual talents join together and form ensembles on this basis, masterpieces can emerge that will last.

Mutual trust, continued learning from one another, openness for innovations and fair cooperation are a matter of course for us and set the tone for top performances.

Our suppliers, cooperation partners and employees play music together: composed to compete - for the benefit of our customers.

Our Mssion

Quality and Ecology in Harmony

Excellence and quality are the pillars of our orchestra. Our processes are the basis for the exceptional quality of our products and services. That is why we place such high importance on certification to the quality standard EN 9100 for the aerospace industry, which confirms that our processes are in optimal compliance with our customers' needs. 

The standard is technically equivalent to the SAE AS 9100 used in the Americas and the JISQ 9100 in the Asia-Pacific region.

An excellent orchestra ensemble needs an intact and solid setting. We are actively engaged in efforts to protect our environment. Certified according to the environmental management system ISO 14001, we live and breathe this conviction on a daily basis throughout the entire corporation. Our products comply with all safety and environmental standards and the current state of technology. In this way, we are able to meet our customers' highest demands.

Always High Quality

Masterpieces emerge from consistent high quality - from the idea to implementation. We rely on high-end materials for our products and expert service providers who we can count on to deliver TOP services.

Perfectly Tuned Network

Our harmonized ensemble includes a network of partners that we have integrated over the last 30 years. Together with these partners we support our customers worldwide through the mutually beneficial value-added chain resulting in sustainable, economic, turnkey production solutions for all types of aircraft.

Strong Partner

Since 2016 Broetje Automation Management is conducting our orchestra together with the leadership of the Shanghai Electric Group.

Shanghai Electric is one of the largest equipment manufacturing conglomerates in the world and is currently the leader in China’s equipment manufacturing sector. www.shanghai-electric.com

Shanghai Electric is a modern international enterprise group with clearly-defined principal businesses having distinct advantages within the large-scale equipment sector.

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