Vocational Training at Broetje-Automation: Our new apprentices 2021

With the beginning of September, a new training year has also begun with us. We are pleased to welcome six new faces to our team.

From 01.09.2021 Ole Dannemann and Nico Hellmers will support our electronics technicians for industrial engineering. Noah Ricklefs joined the administration as an industrial clerk. In addition, we welcome three new industrial mechanics: Torben Küpker and Paul Schuchardt are entering the first year of training with us, Nico Schnier into the third year of training with us.

Another, but not unknown, face is Neele Kuhlmann. After she has already successfully completed her apprenticeship as an industrial clerk with us, her dual studies in the field of industrial engineeringare nowstarting. We are very pleased that she will remain loyal to Broetje-Automation at this next step in her career.

We wish everyone a lot of fun and success at Broetje-Automation!

World market leader provides insight into innovative products and technologies for the factory of the future

Delegation of the Lower Saxony-FDP visits Broetje-Automation in Rastede

The Lower Saxony FDP liberal party Secretary General Konstantin Kuhle and Daniel Rüdel (both FDP) were able to get an impression of what the factory of the future will look like for companies from the aircraft industry at Broetje-Automation. During their visit, the CSO Sven Carstensen presented the high-tech machines and digital solutions of the Rasteder world market leader.

Kuhle and Rüdel, who is running as a Bundestag candidate for the FDP, showed great interest in the latest developments for the aviation industry. "Our machines are used worldwide for the production of passenger aircraft. If you're traveling by plane today anywhere in the world, parts of it were built with our technology," says Carstensen. "Our employees are at work with full enthusiasm and enthusiasm, and this is also reflected in our high-tech solutions," Carstensen continues.

Rüdel was enthusiastic about the automated systens for aircraft production, as he himself is a trained pilot. Finally, he gained an insight into the creation of his workplace and the technical know-how of a local, thus globally active company. Broetje-Automation employs many people from the region in Rastede. But of course, skilled workers are also hired throughout Germany and beyond. A challenge for many of them is that the employees sometimes cannot become residents of the municipality of Rastede due to the shortage of affordable housing. The points system installed for the allocation of building sites in the municipality of Rastede is mainly focused on young families and prefers applicants from the community, which means that applicants with adult children from other regions have challenges to find space for their homes. "Cycling to work – that's the wishful thinking for many employees," Carstensen says. He concludes that "there is a need for better regulation in the allocation of construction sites so that we can continue to travel worldwide from the region in Rastede in the future".


Norbert Steinkemper
VP Communication and Marketing

Stress-free into the factory of the future: Broetje-Automation delivers 250th EcoPositioner to the ZAL Center of Applied Aeronautical Research in Hamburg

In Hamburg, a team of leading companies in the aviation industry is developing nothing less than the future of aircraft construction. As part of the BiSconA project, a further „EcoPositioner" for tailor-made component positioning was delivered to the ZAL Center of Applied Aeronautical Research.   Broetje-Automation is thus celebrating the 250th delivery of this modularized and high-precision positioning system specifically developed for the aviation industry.

Together with ZAL and other partners, Broetje-Automation is working on the "BiSconA" project funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy to develop an automated "built-in  stress" compliant joining process for aircraft fuselages that sets standards in terms of accuracy and speed of the assembly process and ensures the stress-free condition of the fuselage over the entire assembly process. The positioning technology within the project is delivered by Broetje-Automation.

With the delivery of the "EcoPositioner", Broetje-Automation has now celebrated a special anniversary: 250 EcoPositioners are already in use worldwide. In addition, there are more than 150 other positioning systems from Broetje-Automation ensuring efficient production in the aviation industry for international customers around the globe.

In addition to the supply of positioning technology, Broetje-Automation is developing a modular adaptive gripper system and a digital image of the production environment in the BiSconA project ("Built-in  Stress  conformal  Assembly") and implements self-learning algorithms for continuous process optimization with a standardized control architecture and the integration of real-time measuring interfaces. Through this optimization and simultaneous digitization of the assembly of CFRP aircraft components, the performance and efficiency of the production processes is increased significantly. The project represents an important milestone on the way to the digitized Factory of the Future.

With the delivery of the 250th EcoPositioner as part of the project, the ZAL TechCenter has now been expanded with a sixth horizontal positioner. As early as 2016 Broetje-Automation delivered a test stand to the research center,  where the positioning systems have been further developed and optimized since then. The EcoPositioners have been part of company's portfolio since 2010, after a publicly funded research project in 2009 gave the go-ahead for the development. As early as 2010, the positioners were able to convince with the first customer project in Europe. This was followed by the launch on the markets in Russia and China in 2011. Since then, the EcoPositioners have firmly established themselves in the product portfolio with numerous customers worldwide.

The EcoPositioner provides modular and reconfigurable positioning technology that ensures maximum flexibility and product quality for aircraft assembly. Through intelligent algorithms, the system enables the compensation of mechanical and thermal influences and thus fastest positioning cycles. The holistic mechatronic system combines mechanics, controls and measurement technology from a single source, which further optimizes system availability.   

The positioning technology can thus be used for a variety of manufacturing processes, such as the assembly of fuselage sections, the section joining to the fuselage or the attachment of wings and tails to the fuselage.

Since 1979, Broetje-Automation has been working with an entire ecosystem of partners to develop innovative solutions for the automation of aerospace processes. In the BiSconA project, Broetje-Automation is working on the Factory of the Future under the leadership of the Center of Applied Aeronautical Research together with its partners 3D Aero, Airbus, cenit and Fraunhofer IFAM.


Norbert Steinkemper
VP Communication and Marketing
Broetje-Automation GmbH


A total of six "EcoPositioners" are used in the ZAL TechCenter for the high-precision positioning of carbon fiber components. (Photo: Broetje-Automation)
As part of the BiSconA project, Broetje-Automation is working with its partners on the digitized factory of the future in aircraft construction. (Photo: Broetje-Automation)
With the delivery, Broetje-Automation has now celebrated its 250th "EcoPositioner". This makes Broetje-Automation one of the leading manufacturers of high-precision positioning technology for the aerospace industry (Photo: Broetje-Automation)
The individual positioners are digitally inter-connected to ensure high-precision positioning of the component and at the same time not exert any force on the component itself. (Photo: Broetje-Automation)

Together for Team Germany – Broetje-Automation supports Tim Focken at the Paralympics in Tokyo

Unusual visit for Broetje Automation: Tim Focken, sports shooter at SV Etzhorn and member of Team Germany at the Paralympics 2021 in Tokyo, visited Broetje-Automation at the Rastede site last week. In preparation for the competitions in Japan, he received a support rail specially made for him, which supports him in balancing the sports equipment.

Precision, balance and  technology  are essential in international mechanical and plant engineering to ensure the highest quality and efficiency in the production of large and complex components. With this combination, Broetje-Automation has become the world market leader for automated assembly systems in the aerospace industry. This know-how is now being used in a completely new context: The paralympic top athlete Tim Focken uses a support rail specially designed for him and manufactured by Broetje-Automation in Rastede to stabilize his sports equipment.

The sports soldier from Oldenburg was wounded in 2010 during the Bundeswehr mission in Afghanistan and has been living with an upper arm plexus paralysis ever since. But that doesn't stop him from do sports on world-class level. With the highest concentration – and with precision, balance and technique – he made it to the Paralympics in Tokyo in 2021 and was enthusiastic about the machines and systems that are delivered from Rastede all over the world.

Anthea Krug, who works as a development engineer at Broetje-Automation on the machines for the factory of the future and regularly trains together with Focken at SV Etzhorn in her spare time had the idea to connect with Broetje-Automation. In her spare time, she designed and constructed the rail now in use. The trainee workshop at Broetje-Automation was then used for production. Here, the component was manufactured by the trainees.

"We have many colleagues who volunteer. I am very proud of the great achievements that our employees perform far beyond their professional tasks," emphasizes Lutz Neugebauer, Managing Director at Broetje-Automation. "It is thanks to Anthea that we can now support Tim Focken at the Paralympics. A great effort!".

For the upcoming competitions, the team of Broetje-Automation is now keeping its fingers crossed for Tim and wishes him every success in Tokyo!


Norbert Steinkemper
Head of Communication and Marketing
Broetje-Automation GmbH



The support rail was designed and constructed by Anthea Krug (right), development engineer at Broetje-Automation
Unusual visit to machine assembly at Broetje-Automation f.l.t.r.: Lutz Neugebauer, Tim Focken, Anthea Krug
Sports soldier and Afghanistan veteran Tim Focken travels for Team Germany to the Paralympics in Tokyo. Also present: the support rail from Broetje-Automation

Great success for vaccination campaign at Broetje-Automation

Broetje-Automation has successfully completed the first round of its vaccination campaign in the fight against the Corona pandemic. In just three vaccination days, more than 200 employees and family members received their initial vaccination with the Biontech/Pfizer vaccine at the Rastede site.

The fight against the Corona pandemic is a top priority for Broetje-Automation. The globally active engineering company made early efforts to organize a comprehensive vaccination campaign for all employees together with the company doctor. The initial vaccinations with the Biontech/Pfizer vaccine at the Rastede site have now been successfully completed. 

The campaign went completely smoothly, so that the self-imposed goal of vaccinating all employees in a short time was even exceeded and, in addition to the workforce, relatives and employees of neighboring companies could also be offered a vaccination.

"The health and safety of our colleagues is our top priority. So it was clear to us from the outset that, in addition to the hygiene measures and the testing regime already in place, we would launch a company vaccination campaign as soon as this was possible." Lutz Neugebauer, CEO of Broetje-Automation Group, emphasized. "The organization team, in cooperation with the company doctor, did a great job and set up a perfect organization that ran completely smoothly. I would like to express my sincere thanks for that!".

Despite some challenges in procuring the vaccine, it was also possible to make a timely vaccination offer to all those in the company who were willing to be vaccinated, and even to include family members in the campaign and neighboring companies. With the milestone now reached, it is foreseeable that the second vaccinations will be completed before the end of the Lower Saxony summer vacations and the company will be well prepared for the fall.



Norbert Steinkemper
VP Communication and Marketing
Broetje-Automation GmbH


Well organized: On only three vaccination dates, more than 200 first vaccinations could be carried out at Broetje-Automation. (Photo: Broetje-Automation GmbH)

Broetje-Automation demonstrates fully automatic installation of ErgoTech® single-sided fasteners on PowerRACe robotic system

For the production of each aircraft several hundred thousands of fasteners have to be installed. While mostly rivets that require a double-sided installation are used, single-sided fasteners have also become more and more popular in the industry. They are used to assemble primary and secondary aircraft structures especially in locations with limited accessibility.

In collaboration with Howmet Fastening Systems, Broetje-Automation now has successfully demonstrated how single-sided fasteners can be integrated in a fully automated drilling and riveting process. In the permanently installed test cell at Broetje’s headquarter in Northern Germany the PowerRACe – a specifically for the requirements of aerospace applications designed robot – was used to perform the tests with the Ergo-Tech® singled-sided blind bolt from Howmet Fastening Systems.

The fastening process includes fully automated drilling, fastener feed and installation and demonstrated very low cycle times utilizing a multifunctional end-effector realizing the entire process. The results not only showed a speedy process but also highest maturity and stability of the process and therefore perfectly met the requirements.


The technical team used an existing and qualified “clean drilling” process for closed boxes that requires no disassembly for swarf removal and therefore allows a fully automated process. The pin disposal is assured by a vacuum system through an integrated channel within the system. The additional cycle time for the fastener installation is less than 10 seconds. Multiple fastener diameters from -05/32° up to -5/16° are available.

The Ergo-Tech® blind bolt is designed for both metallic and composite structures. It is available with shear and tension, flush and protruding head styles. The corebolt breaks flush with the top of the sleeve in all grip conditions. The one-piece sleeve configuration and no threads in bearing result in superior structural integrity and high-retained clamp-up. Lightweight ergonomic tools are available to install the system. The Ergo-Tech® blind fastener is also ideal for robotic installation.

The Broetje-Automation PowerRACe (Robot Assembly Cell) is a highly flexible robotic system specifically designed for the needs of the aerospace industry. It functions as an automated positioning system to perform multiple processes in one machine such as drilling, riveting, milling and other high precision, high-force applications. Components such as wing box, stabilizers, fuselage etc. can be automatically drilled and riveted by the mobile robot. The systems is highly standardized and relies on proven technologies with long term spare part availability. With up to 50% reduced drill times and 40% higher overall performance, the PowerRACe is the ideal system to automate complex industrial manufacturing processes - suitable even on lower rate programs.


Norbert Steinkemper
Head of Communication and Marketing
Broetje-Automation GmbH



Anne Brown
Marketing Communications
Howmet Fastening Systems


Broetje-Automation introduces comprehensive test offer for employees

Despite the start-up of vaccination campaigns and intensive efforts in hygiene, distance and contact reduction measures, the Corona virus continues to spread worldwide. In view of the renewed increase in the number of infections in the course of the Corona pandemic, the German government has also called for increased efforts to contain the pandemic.

Broetje-Automation is therefore participating in the activities in the fight against Corona and will offer regular testing opportunities for its employees starting in April. For all activities that cannot be carried out from the home office, the now expanded testing strategy thus adds another measure. Lutz Neugebauer, CEO of the Broetje-Automation Group, emphasized the high priority that the management gives to the measures against Corona: "The health of our employees has the highest priority. The Corona pandemic demands a lot from all of us. That is why we are doing everything in our power to make our contribution in the fight against the COVID-19 virus."

Strict distance and hygiene rules have been in place at Broetje-Automation for over a year now. Home office is also already used across the board. In the summer of 2020, Broetje-Automation had already presented a system developed in just a few weeks for the quick and easy recording of skin temperature for visitors and employees. These measures are now being supplemented by an extensive test program. 


Norbert Steinkemper 
VP Communication and Marketing
Phone: +49 (4402) 966-141

Our trade show dates 2021


Our trade show dates 2021

Broetje-Automation is exhibitor at the following trade fairs. We are looking forward to welcoming you!

PNAA Conference // Advance 2021
Seattle, USA
International Aerospace Event
February 08 - 11, 2021

More Information: https://www.pnaa.net/events/2021-annual-aerospace-conference

JEC World - Digital Edition
Paris, France
International Composites Event
June 01 - 03, 2021

More information: https://www.jeccomposites-connect.events

MAKS 2021 
Moskow, Russia
MAKS - International Aviation and Space Salon
July 20 - 25 2021

More Information: https://aviasalon.com/en/

AWK 21 Aachener Werkzeugmaschinen-Kolloquium
Aachen, Germany
Digitalisation Event
September 22 – 23, 2021

More information: https://www.awk-aachen.com/

Toulouse, France
Salon de Partenaires de l'Industrie
October 19. - 21. 2021

More Information: https://www.salonsiane.com

Dubai Airshow 2021 
Dubai, VAE
November 14 - 18 2021

More Information: https://www.dubaiairshow.aero/

Shanghai International Commercial Airshow
Shanghai, China
November, 24 - 27 2021

more Information: https://en.shanghaiairshow.cn 

Aviation Forum Hamburg
Hamburg, Deutschland
December 07 - 08 2021

More Information: https://www.hamburg-aviation.de/



Norbert Steinkemper
Communication and Marketing

Restructuring at the Broetje-Automation Group

Rastede, December 03, 2020

The management of the Broetje-Automation Group has decided on a comprehensive restructuring program to adjust capacity in the Broetje-Automation Group. The company is thus reacting to a significant decline in incoming orders caused by the ongoing negative market situation in the aviation industry as a result of the Corona pandemic. 

The aviation industry is experiencing the worst crisis since the Second World War as a result of the global measures to combat the corona pandemic. Aircraft manufacturers and suppliers worldwide are currently reducing their forecasts due to the collapse in demand for aircraft, and planned investments are being cancelled or postponed. As a result, the mechanical and plant engineering sector for the aviation industry is also experiencing an unprecedented decline in orders, which is also affecting Broetje-Automation. 

Since it is already becoming apparent that with continuing restrictions and persistently low demand over several years, the market is not expected to normalize, Broetje-Automation must adapt its corporate structures to the changed market environment. 

The management has now informed the workforce that around 200 jobs will be affected by the restructuring measures in the entire corporate group worldwide. The majority of these jobs will be at the German locations. Unfortunately, the Grenzach-Wyhlen site cannot be maintained under these circumstances and will be closed. Extensive restructuring measures are also unavoidable at the sites in Bietigheim-Bissingen and at the headquarters in Rastede in order to achieve the necessary savings. Negotiations are currently underway with the works councils at the individual sites in order to make the job cuts as socially acceptable as possible.

The management felt compelled to take this step due to a lack of capacity utilization. At the same time, numerous measures were taken to open up new business areas in other sectors. Lutz Neugebauer, CEO of the BA Group, commented: "Over the summer, we have already achieved remarkable results of new project approaches in the textile industry, the healthcare sector and other industries. Nevertheless, the new approaches cannot compensate for the massive decline in the aviation industry. In view of the market environment, the measures now taken are necessary to secure the remaining 430 jobs and to enable the company to achieve a successful long-term future. We are working closely with the works councils to create a solid basis for a good future for the company".

In contrast to previous crises, the aviation industry is not expected to recover quickly from the Corona-related slump. Analysts and industry associations forecast that passenger numbers will not return to pre-corona levels before 2024. 


Norbert Steinkemper
Head of Communication and Marketing
Phone: +49 (4402) 966-141
Mobile: +49 (151) 51094491

Automatic temperature scanner to protect guests and employees

Lower Saxony's Ministry of Science and Culture uses BA Thermo

Comprehensive hygiene and protective measures have found their way into almost all major institutions in the course of the Corona crisis. The Ministry of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony now relies on a temperature scanner. In the ministry's main building, Science Minister Thümler has now started the test phase for the use of BA Thermo, the temperature detector developed by Broetje-Automation in Lower Saxony.

In the fight against the corona pandemic, companies as well as public institutions must break new ground. But besides the many restrictions of public life, this also releases new creativity. In just a few weeks, Broetje-Automation developed a temperature detector at its headquarters in Rastede in the course of the first lockdown in March. Since then, the company has used the detector as an additional daily protection for its employees.

BA Thermo - Automatic Temperature Detector

The solution was not only well received within the company, but also by customers, regional partners and many guests with great interest. As a result, Broetje-Automation decided at short notice to develop a market-ready product from the internal prototype project. Only a few months have passed since then and already a good dozen of the devices are in use at various customers throughout Germany.

Deployment at the Ministry of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony

Now the device is being tested for the first time in a public environment. Björn Thümler, Minister for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony, accepted a test device of the BA Thermo system in the main building of the ministry in Hanover. "The Corona pandemic demands a lot from all of us. The best possible protection of my employees but also of our visitors is close to my heart. We are therefore constantly working on improving our hygiene concepts," says Thümler.

The ministry has initially decided on a test phase lasting several weeks in order to gain experience with temperature measurement when entering the building. "So far, the measure has been positively received," adds the Minister. "It is particularly important with such a temperature scan that personal data is handled responsibly". BA Thermo does not store any data at all and leaves it up to the individual user to handle the result on his own responsibility. The system is thus fully compliant with data protection and complies with German data protection standards.

"We are naturally very pleased with the interest shown in our solution," explains Norbert Steinkemper, Head of Communication and Marketing at Broetje-Automation. "For our team it was a completely new experience to develop such a product for series production in the shortest possible time". Broetje-Automation produces highly complex automation solutions, machines and systems for the global aerospace industry. "We are particularly proud to have mastered this challenge in an extremely short time - and the positive feedback from our customers proves us right", adds Steinkemper.

With BA Thermo, Broetje-Automation is not only breaking new technological ground, but also expanding its customer base. The system is used in very different industries and application areas where hygiene and health maintenance are of particular importance or, for example, large numbers of people have to be tested in a short time (e.g. for shift changes in industrial plants). The cultural and event industry as well as public institutions have already shown interest in using the system in order to be able to hold attendance events again as soon as possible.

Further information about BA Thermo: https://www.broetje-automation.de/en/special/bathermo


Broetje-Automation GmbH
Norbert Steinkemper
Head of Communication and Marketing
Phone: +49 (4402) 966-141


M-Technologie devient BA France

En devenant BA France S.A.S, la filiale française conforte sa position de fournisseur pour l'industrie aérospatiale Sud-Ouest Europe. BA France reste basée à Toulouse et Saint-Nazaire et devient votre contact privilégié au cœur de la plus grande Communauté Aérospatiale d'Europe. Centre d'excellence pour l'outillage et le support à la production aérospatiale, BA France apporte son savoir-faire technologique précis au service du marché mondial. Elle peut compter sur la présence globale de Broetje-Automation dans 23 sites présents dans sept pays.

Le siège social français de BA France reste à Toulouse, où M-Technologie a forgé sa renommée depuis 20 ans. Débuté comme une petite entreprise aéronautique locale, spécialisée dans l'outillage, M-Technologie se développe progressivement pour devenir une entreprise internationale et intègre en 2011 le groupe Broetje-Automation GmbH.

Cette nouvelle appellation nous permet une approche stratégique visant à mieux exploiter les synergies avec le groupe présent dans tous les grands pays de l'Aérospatiale : les États-Unis, la Chine, le Japon, la Russie, le Royaume-Uni et l'Allemagne. "Aujourd'hui, beaucoup de nos clients nous connaissent sous le nom de "Mtech" ou "M-Technologie", mais ils ne sont pas conscients de notre appartenance au groupe Broetje-Automation et de toutes les activités que nous pouvons proposer en tant que tel" explique Dominique Melki-Delcassé, l'un des fondateurs de M-Tech et aujourd'hui Président de BA France. « Notre ambition est de réunir toutes les marques sous un seul label et ainsi renforcer l'appartenance de BA France au groupe Broetje-Automation tout en offrant à nos clients une meilleure visibilité ».

Dominique Melki-Delcassé voit un autre avantage dans l'alignement des processus mondiaux et le positionnement de BA France en tant que fournisseur mondial de « Operational Tooling » au sein de Broetje-Automation « Cette affiliation nous permet de maintenir notre présence parmi nos fournisseurs historiques tout en renforçant notre partenariat avec eux. »

"BA France est l’élément clé de notre stratégie (de marché)", explique Lutz Neugebauer, PDG du groupe Broetje-Automation. "Avec BA France, nous sommes au cœur de l'industrie aéronautique européenne. Grâce aux compétences et à l’expérience de nos équipes à Toulouse et à Saint-Nazaire, nous accédons au marché français toujours à fort potentiel ".

BA France est également présent à Saint-Nazaire et ce depuis 2013 lorsque le groupe a fait acquisition de Clemafi.

Grâce à ses 40 ans d’expérience et son assise financière, Broetje-Automation apporte à BA France une présence chez tous les grands donneurs d’ordres de l’aéronautique, une gamme de solutions étendues et éprouvées, une capacité de suivi pour des grands projets, des solutions pour les outillages plus connectés et automatisées et un accès à son réseau mondial de services.

L’appartenance et le soutien du groupe nous confortent dans nos pistes de diversifications déjà bien avancées. Nous développons de nouveaux outillages pour les secteurs du Ferroviaire, du Nautique, de l’Eolien, du Transport et du Médical.


A propos de BA FRANCE

BA France est votre fournisseur de solutions automatisées et d’outillages. Situé à Toulouse et Saint-Nazaire, France, nous sommes votre contact privilégié et votre centre d'excellence pour « Operational Tooling » du groupe Broetje-Automation.

Nos nombreuses années d'expertise dans la conception et la production d'outillages industriels nous permettent de fournir les meilleurs résultats pour l'usine du futur.


Broetje-Automation est l’expert mondial des processus de production industrielle aéronautique. Nos équipes présentes dans 23 sites différents dans le monde, planifient et mettent en œuvre des machines et des systèmes pour l'assemblage aéronautique. S'appuyant sur ses 40 ans d'expérience dans l'intégration de lignes de production dans l'industrie aérospatiale, Broetje-Automation a développé un concept permettant de numériser toute la chaîne de production dans une usine intelligente en utilisant des équipements et des outils en réseau.




BA France S.A.S.
Dominique Melki-Delcassé
President BA France S.A.S.
E-Mail: info@broetje-automation.fr



Broetje-Automation GmbH
Norbert Steinkemper
VP Communication and Marketing
E-Mail: norbert.steinkemper@broetje-automation.de


Photo : Le siège de la BA France à Toulouse (Photo : BA France S.A.S.)

Le groupe Broetje-Automation présente des solutions automatisées pour les applications industrielles au Salon SIANE

Nous sommes heureux d'annoncer que M-Technologie, membre de Broetje-Automation GmbH, sera présent au salon SIANE les 26-27-28 octobre 2021 à MEETT, le nouveau centre d'exposition de Toulouse, France.

SIANE, l'événement clé pour les fabricants et les inventeurs du Grand Sud en France entre dans sa 16ème année en 2021. Broetje-Automation y présentera l'ensemble de son portefeuille de machines industrielles et d'équipements d'usine tels que des applications robotiques, des machines d'assemblage à commande numérique, des équipements de fabrication de composites ou des outillages pour diverses applications.

En outre, plusieurs solutions innovantes et préventives nouvellement développées, luttant contre l'impact de la pandémie COVID-19, seront présentées pendant le salon.

Nous nous réjouissons de vous rencontrer au stand D75.

À propos de M-Technologie

M-Technologie est un fournisseur expérimenté qui possède une vaste expertise en matière de conception et d'outillage aéronautique. La société s'efforce d'obtenir les meilleurs résultats en s'adaptant parfaitement aux besoins des clients. Depuis 2011, M-Technologie fait partie du groupe Broetje-Automation et représente le groupe Broetje-Automation en France.

À propos de Broetje-Automation

Broetje-Automation est le premier expert mondial des processus de production dans l'industrie aérospatiale. Grâce à ses 23 sites et centres de service dans le monde entier, nous planifions et mettons en œuvre des machines et des systèmes pour l'assemblage d'avions. Le groupe d'entreprises fournit des solutions pour l'usine du futur, aussi bien avec des équipements qu'avec une intégration clé en main comprenant la planification de l'usine et la solution numérique pour l'usine du futur.


Production technology from aviation in the fight against corona - Broetje-Automation and Klünemann tie factory launch innovative pilot project

Rastede, August 26, 2020

Turning the crisis into an opportunity - this is the motto under which two unusual partners have joined forces to make their contribution to the fight against the corona pandemic: Klünemann Krawattenfabrik and Broetje-Automation have started to develop an automated mask production with the support of the state of Lower Saxony. MdL and Minister of Science Björn Thümler presented the funding decisions for the "AutoMASK" project in Rastede today.
Rastede. In the course of the corona pandemic, mouth and nose protection masks have become an everyday object. The demand for reusable and high-quality protective masks, which are now almost exclusively handmade, has literally exploded within a few weeks. This has brought together two very different partners: Klünemann Krawattenfabrik - a family-run medium-sized manufacturer of ties, bows, tuck-ins and accessories and Broetje-Automation, a leading expert for production processes in the aerospace industry, are joining forces to pave the way for automated production of reusable mouth-nose protective masks. 

In the joint project "AutoMASK" - Automated Mask Production from Lower Saxony", established manufacturing processes from aerospace production are modified and transferred to the textile industry. The project is funded by the Ministry of Economics of Lower Saxony within the scope of the aviation funding guidelines of the state with almost 190 TEUR. 

"The aviation industry is particularly affected by the effects of the corona pandemic. This makes it all the more important that our companies actively use their outstanding technological expertise to emerge from the current crisis stronger than before. We are pleased to be able to make a contribution here with the state's own aviation research program," explained Minister of Economic Affairs Dr. Bernd Althusmann.

New market opportunities through automation
For the participating companies, the project offers the chance to develop new market potentials.  "The market analysis has shown that the textile industry today is almost entirely based in the Far East with manual production. The production technologies we have developed in recent years, e.g. from the continuous production of CFRP semi-finished products, and our experience in linking complex process steps into integrated machines and systems, offer us the opportunity to enter a completely new industry," explained Lutz Neugebauer, CEO of Broetje-Automation. For the aerospace specialist from Rastede, the project that has now been launched will therefore serve as a pilot application, also for further steps towards more automation in industrial textile production. 

Alfons Klünemann, founder and CEO of Klünemann Krawattenmanufaktur, confirms this potential: "We have the ambition to implement the label "Made in Germany" through a mix of high quality manual work and modern machinery. The fashion house and the end consumer are provided with a high-quality product at a fair price. Further steps towards automation will offer the chance to bring more textile production to Germany in the future, thus securing jobs and creating new ones.

Strengthening the innovative power in the northwest
The two managing directors also expressed their thanks for the support of politics and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, which established the contacts between the companies and played a decisive role in bringing about the cooperation with unbureaucratic help and very quick approval of the funding. For the local member of the state parliament and Minister of Science Björn Thümler, who presented the notice of funding, it was a matter of course: "One must seize such opportunities to help the companies quickly and as unbureaucratically as possible. I am proud that we have such innovative entrepreneurs in Lower Saxony," Thümler emphasized. "The pilot project also shows how important networking within a region is. Thanks to the smooth coordination with the companies, we were able to set the course for the start of the project in a short time together with the Oldenburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the NBANK and the Ministry of Economics", Thümler said.

During the concluding tour, the guests were given an insight into the latest production technologies in the aviation industry, and especially the innovations developed at Broetje-Automation in the course of the Corona crisis, such as a disinfection robot or a system for rapid body temperature measurement. 


The Klünemann Krawattenfabrik GmbH, located in Essen (Oldenburg), was founded in 1991 by Alfons Klünemann and produces ties, bows, tuck-ins and other accessories. The family-owned company specializes in delivering all articles to retailers just-in-time within 24 hours. The company continuously invests in the most modern equipment from Germany and Italy to meet the characteristic of "Germany's most modern tie manufactory". The in-house photovoltaic system and the plastic-free, environmentally friendly presentation packaging round off the sustainable orientation.
Further information is available at www.kluenemann.de 

Broetje-Automation is the world's leading expert for production processes in the aerospace industry. At 23 locations and service centers worldwide, we plan and implement machines and systems for aircraft assembly. Building on more than 40 years of experience in the integration of production lines in the aerospace industry, Broetje-Automation has developed a concept for the continuous forming and processing of fiber composite structures, which is now the basis for the step into the automation of textile production. 
Further information is available at www.broetje-automation.de. 

Broetje-Automation GmbH
Norbert Steinkemper, VP Communication and Marketing
Phone: +49 (4402) 966-141


Introduction of the Digitised Production Chain - Premium AEROTEC selects SOUL OLPS as standard software for offline NC programming and simulation

With the introduction of SOUL OLPS as the standard environment for NC programming and simulation, Premium AEROTEC is paving the way for the introduction of the digitalised production chain. The standardisation not only achieves synergy effects with regard to maintenance and training costs, but also significantly improves the quality of NC programming.

Augsburg. Premium AEROTEC has chosen the SOUL OLPS solution from Broetje-Automation GmbH in Rastede as the standard software for the offline programming and simulation of its riveting systems. Germany's largest supplier of aerostructures has for some time been pushing ahead with the digitalisation of the entire production chain. The aim is to significantly improve the quality, effectiveness and productivity of production with the help of the latest technologies such as the "digital twin".

Using digitization to improve quality and increase efficiency

"The introduction of the SOUL Suite is an important step towards the digitalization of our production. The system is fully 3D-capable and supports our "first-time-right" claim. Thanks to the simulation using the Digital Twin, the entire process becomes completely transparent. Collisions between machine and component are eliminated, and rework during NC programming is a thing of the past," explains Umberto Girard, Head of Manufacturing Engineering & NC Programming at Premium AEROTEC in Augsburg. "By introducing the software, we were not only able to reduce the effort for NC programming, but also to minimize the error rate in production to such an extent that savings of several hundred thousand euros were achieved".

The software solution is now to be gradually implemented as the standard environment for all riveting systems at Premium AEROTEC. Broetje-Automation began developing the SOUL Suite for its own drilling and riveting systems more than ten years ago.

"I would like to thank the entire Premium AEROTEC team that has contributed to this project. The commitment invested by both partners is now paying off," says Dirk Eickhorst, Head of Technology at Broetje-Automation.

Standardised software also for existing equipment

The standardisation of the software enables Premium AEROTEC to exploit several synergy effects. Flexibility is significantly increased, and the necessary training for NC programmers applies across all plants. In the past, each plant manufacturer pursued its own programming systems. This is now being solved uniformly with SOUL OLPS.

Employees can now implement changes to existing NC programs for production much faster and thus make an important contribution to maintaining throughput times. In addition, the quality level of production has also been significantly improved. After the move, the new system already worked faultlessly in its first use, thus drastically reducing the non-quality costs.

"The project is an example of how digitization supports people," emphasizes Umberto Girard. "The virtual world helps us to understand the real world better and to make it more transparent. It enables us to find solutions faster and thus improve our competitiveness in Germany as a business location".


Premium AEROTEC is a global player in the aviation industry and achieved sales of 2 billion euros in 2019. Its core business is the development and manufacture of aircraft structures made of metal and carbon fibre composites. The company has sites in Augsburg, Bremen, Hamburg, Nordenham and Varel in Germany and in the Romanian Braşov. Premium AEROTEC employs a total of around 9,000 people. Further information is available at www.premium-aerotec.com.


Broetje-Automation is the world's leading expert for production processes in the aerospace industry. More than 700 employees at 23 locations and service centers worldwide plan and implement machines and systems for aircraft assembly. Building on more than 40 years of experience in the integration of production lines in the aerospace industry, Broetje-Automation has developed a concept that allows the entire production chain in the smart factory to be digitized throughout by using networked equipment and tools. The prerequisite for this is to make the individual machines and systems "digitalizable". For this purpose Broetje-Automation has developed the software platform "SOUL" in-house.

Visit us at #ILAGoesDigital, the first virtual airshow worldwide: https://www.ila-berlin.de/en/node/5086


Broetje-Automation GmbH
Norbert Steinkemper
VP Communication and Marketing
Telefon: +49 (4402) 966-141

World first: Broetje-Automation brings robot-controlled sealing of aircraft components to industrial maturity

After several years of research and development Broetje-Automation presents an industrially mature, automated solution for sealing aircraft components. The modular system is capable of carrying out the most diverse sealing applications safely and cleanly, even on complex components. Depending on the application, standard robots or collaborating robot systems (CoBots) are used.

The sealing of aircraft structures is one of the core processes in aircraft construction, as it ensures the necessary durability and thus the safety of the aircraft for many years. The application of the sealant therefore requires a particularly high degree of accuracy to guarantee absolute quality of the seal. Up to now, this process has been carried out largely manually, which is time-consuming, requires a high degree of quality assurance and slows down production. Sealing is the second most common manual activity in aircraft construction after drilling and riveting.

With the latest development, Broetje-Automation has automated the application of sealants with the highest precision and effectiveness. Robots are used to achieve a consistently high quality of seams and applications. An automated, continuous process monitoring completes the system. The newly developed concept allows savings of up to 20% while improving the quality of the components at the same time.

Due to the high complexity of aircraft components, an industrially mature automation of sealing is a great challenge. Hard to access, curved surfaces and joints must be sealed cleanly and process-safe. At the same time, the sealants used in aviation are often difficult to process, have to be mixed shortly before application and are sometimes very viscous. Nevertheless, the components may only be processed at the precise location provided for this purpose; contamination is not permitted.

In order to be able to meet all these requirements, the sealing concept of Broetje-Automation has a modular structure. Depending on the application, the system can be operated autonomously within a robotic cell or with small, collaborative robots ("CoBots"). The system also provides a "digital twin", which is integrated into the automated NC programming environment "SOUL OLPS" and can fully simulate the processes. The system is thus optimally prepared for use in the digital factory of the future.

In order to meet the requirements of customers worldwide, the technology team at Broetje-Automation has developed various end-effectors for the application of the material. The system can use polysulfite and epoxy sealants, both using pre-mixed cartridges and with a "mixing-on-the-fly" module that can mix several components live during sealing.

"The many different component types, material mixtures and not least the complexity of the components themselves were a major challenge for us in the industrialization of the system," explains project manager Dr. Thomas Schwane. "We are proud that after several years of development we have now found a comprehensive solution for the various applications".

The following types of sealing are already available, for which special nozzles have been individually developed:

  • Fillet sealing (e.g. for clips, stringers, frames)
  • Cap Sealing (for sealing of rivet heads)
  • Epoxy Edge Sealing (for composite components)
  • Complex shapes (curves, connections)

The foundations of the technology, which has now been developed to industrial maturity, were laid by research funding within the framework of the Aviation Research Programme (LuFo) of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWI). Broetje-Automation is grateful for this support, without which the current success would not have been possible.

The sealing system will now be introduced step by step to customers worldwide. The first order is already being implemented.


Norbert Steinkemper
VP Communication and Marketing
Broetje-Automation GmbH

Robot cell for sealing complex aircraft components (Photo: Broetje-Automation)
With the technology from Broetje-Automation, different aerospace materials made of metal and composite can be precisely sealed. (Photo: Broetje-Automation)
Optionally an application with collaborating robots (CoBots) is also possible. (Photo: Broetje-Automation)
Different sealing processes present challenges for automation. Broetje-Automation has now solved them. (Photo: Broetje-Automation)

Broetje-Automation develops solution for contactless temperature measurement

Over the past few weeks, the automation specialist Broetje-Automation Group has developed a cost-effective and innovative solution for contactless temperature measurement. The company from Lower Saxony, Germany has tackled a whole package of measures and is thus making a contribution to effectively containing the spread of the novel corona virus.

As part of the measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and to prevent infections in the company, Broetje-Automation has implemented a comprehensive package of measures. In addition to the usual measures for increased hygiene, contact restrictions through the extensive use of home offices, safety zones at the shopfloor and group and shift work, Broetje-Automation also utilizes its internal  development and manufacturing capacities to produce necessary equipment and helpful new technologies.

As part of a technology sprint, a system for contactless measurement of body temperature for employees and visitors to the company has now been implemented. The system, christened "BA Thermo", uses a combination of RGB and infrared cameras to measure body temperature in just a few seconds. "We were able to draw on our many years of experience with optical measuring systems and also the equipment of our own product environment. This enabled us to get the system up and running in a comparatively short time," explains Dr. Christian Heyers, Vice President Engineering at Broetje-Automation.

Temperature scanners have so far only been used for fever detection in a few highly frequented public places such as some airports in Asia. So far, these devices have been correspondingly expensive and complex to install. "We have used exclusively, standardised components for BA Thermo that are quickly available on the market. This is why the costs for the system are also significantly lower than today's usual market prices," explains Heyers.

Lutz Neugebauer, Managing Director of the Broetje-Automation Group is enthusiastic about the creativity and commitment with which his employees are facing the current situation. "I am impressed by the way our colleagues are dealing with this very difficult situation for all of us caused by the Corona Crises. Of course, Broetje-Automation is also severely affected by the slump in the aerospace market. But the many new ideas in the entire Broetje-Automation Group are showing that we are not letting our heads hang down, but also see the challenge as an opportunity for new things".

The fever detection system is just one of several ideas currently being implemented at Broetje-Automation. M-Technologie S.A.S., the French subsidiary of the mechanical engineering company, has been manufacturing protection masks for the regional community at its Toulouse site for several weeks now and supplies both washable fabric masks and disposable masks, protective visors, plexiglas separators and disinfectants to companies and institutions in the region. The company also offers logistics and consulting services for COVID-19 measures.

The "BA Thermo" temperature measurement system is initially to be made available for personal use at all Broetje-Automation Group locations in order to largely prevent chains of infection within the company. In the further course of the project, production and delivery of the system to other companies is planned. The preparations for this are already underway.

"We are already working on further ideas" adds Neugebauer.

About Broetje-Automation

Broetje-Automation supplies the aviation industry worldwide with machines and systems for the construction of aircraft up to complete assembly lines. Founded in Rastede in 1979, the company was awarded the title of "Digital Place Lower Saxony" in 2019.


Norbert Steinkemper
Vice President Communication and Marketing
Broetje-Automation GmbH


The newly developed temperature measuring system BA Thermo is used for the entrance control of employees and visitors (Photo: Broetje-Automation GmbH)
BA Thermo measures the body temperature in a few seconds and gives feedback to the visitor. The data protection remains protected. (Photo: Broetje-Automation GmbH)
For the system, Broetje-Automation was able to draw on its many years of experience with optical measuring systems. (Photo: Broetje-Automation GmbH)

Broetje-Automation employees hand over donation to the Loy fire brigade

There was a nice surprise for the Loy fire brigade within the scope of a regular exercise at the Rasted-based special machine manufacturer Broetje-Automation. The employees of the company presented a donation of 2,000 EUR, which had been collected during the 2019 Christmas campaign.

The occasion for the handover was a visit by the Loy Fire Brigade to Broetje-Automation in Rastede as part of a regular exercise at the end of February. Among other things, tests for radio illumination and exercises to improve local knowledge within the company were carried out. 

At the end of the exercise day there was a pleasant surprise for the firefighters. On behalf of the workforce, Franka Dirksen, Finn Lehners and Jonas Müller presented a cheque for EUR 2,000. The money had already been collected by the company's employees last year at a Christmas party organized by the trainees. 

"It was important to us to donate the money to a local organization. The many volunteers at the fire department make an important contribution from which we all benefit." Franka Dirksen stressed. "We are pleased that our colleagues have participated so diligently and have collected so much money."

The donation will enable the Loy fire brigade to finance new chairs for the main fire station in Loy, among other things. Thanks are also due to the employees and firefighters who helped on site last Monday. 

From Rastede, Broetje-Automation supplies the aviation industry worldwide with machines and equipment for the construction of aircraft, including entire assembly lines. The company was awarded the title of "Digital Place Lower Saxony" in 2019. 

Norbert Steinkemper
Head of Communication and Marketing
Broetje Automation GmbH

Franka Dirksen presents the donation cheque for 2,000 EUR on behalf of the organisation team of trainees (Photo: Broetje-Automation)
The Loy fire brigade carried out a routine exercise to orient and improve local knowledge at Broetje-Automation in Loy. (Photo: Broetje-Automation)

JEC World Paris 2020 - Latest Technologies for Automated Composite Production and Assembly

NEW DATE: May 12-14!

Due to the ongoing spread of the corona virus, the JEC WORLD has been postponed to May 12-14 2020. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

JEC World Paris has become the premier event for the global composites industry. Broetje-Automation, the leading expert in specialized production processes, shows the latest composite trends at the show from May 12 – 14 in the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, France.

Discover our light weight automated fiber placement (AFP) systems, various handling and integration solutions for industrial composite lines and the latest technology breakthrough in continuous composite preforming systems and discuss with our experts in Hall 5 N76 about the Factory of the Future in the composites industry!

Building on more than 40 years of experience with the integration of production lines, Broetje-Automation has specifically positioned itself as a supplier of integrated production systems. We are now leveraging this experience for the benefit of the composite industry. With increasing production rates, composite manufacturing today has to meet the requirements of a mature, series-capable industrial production. A selection of our core products to deliver smart composite manufacturing will be showcased at the JEC World 2019 from May 12-14 in Paris, France.

Make sure to stop by our Booth N76 in Hall 5 to see our newest product developments that will be displayed through the entire show. Broetje-Automation is proud to set another world record in integrating the mainly manual assembly steps for composite manufacturing in highly automated lines for composite production:

  • STAXX FLEX is a compact and versatile end effector for 3D fiber stacking with a robotic system. With the STAXX flex fiber placement head Broetje-Automation hits another milestone in automating the entire value stream of composite manufacturing. Thanks to the ability to integrate processes across various production steps, efficiency and productivity in composite productivity and quality can be increased significantly.
  • A further development of the STAXX FLEX is the new single-tow end effector, which has been specifically developed for prototype production, but also offers numerous other fields of application such as tape laying, etc., with previously unattainable flexibility. It is therefore a particularly cost-effective alternative to the heavy systems available on the market, most of which are designed for speed and stacking quantity but have weakness in flexibility and accessibility.
  • STAXX Compact 1700 is the world's first CNC-controlled machine cell for automated fiber placement, which has been specially developed for industrial series production. This allows pre-impregnated carbon fiber bundles, so-called TowPregs, to be automatically and reproducibly routed away from the coil very close to the desired final contour. The process significantly reduces material losses and thus (unit) costs. STAXX Compact 1700 is a robust, scalable and process-reliable solution that can easily be integrated into existing production structures.
  • With the STAXX 3D, the system concept has been extended by the ability to lay-up larger and more complex structures in 3D. Both, STAXX Compact as well as STAXX 3D are easily scalable and come with a built-in temperature control that improves maintainability and reduces investments in workshop infrastructure significantly.
  • Our solution for continuous composite preforming is this year’s highlight showcased at JEC World Paris. For the first time, our Continuous Composite Preforming Cell delivers a high volume serial production of complex and near-net-shape preforms for an RTM process in a single machine that performs eight single processes within one system. This solution increases productivity dramatically as well as it speeds up the lay-up rate to a whole new level while the industrial footprint at the shop floor is reduced to a minimum. Like all systems developed by Broetje-Automation the continuous composite preforming system has been designed for industrial purposes – scalable and reliable.

Broetje-Automation - innovative composite manufacturing technology and complete system integrator know-how for your industrial production requirements.

›› Visit us at JEC World 2020: Hall 5, Booth N76



Norbert Steinkemper
Head of Communication and Marketing
Broetje-Automation GmbH

A STAXX FLEX mounted on a common industrial robot. The open design allows easy access to all components and thus uncomplicated loading of the material storage and easy maintenance. (Photo: Broetje-Automation)
The Line Management System from Broetje-Automation offers transparency over the entire manufacturing process and thus allows effective control of entire production chains. As an interface to the customer's MES/ERP systems, it is the backbone for the integration of composite production. (Photo: Broetje-Automation)
The STAXX FLEX has 16 individually mounted rollers, which offer advantages especially for complex 3D-components. (Photo: Broetje-Automation)
The STAXX Single Tow End Effector is designed for special applications such as tape laying for complex parts. It is highly flexible and a very cost efficient solution e.g. for R+D Centers and Product Development. (Photo: Broetje-Automation)

Our trade show dates 2020


Our trade show dates 2020

Broetje-Automation is exhibitor at the following trade fairs. We are looking forward to welcoming you!

PNAA Conference
Lynnwood, WA, USA
International Aerospace Event
February 03 - 06, 2020

More information: https://www.pnaa.net/events/2020-annual-aerospace-conference

JEC World
Paris, Frankreich
International Composites Event
March 03 – 05, 2020
Hall 5, Booth N76

More information: https://www.jec-world.events

Pasadena, CA, USA
March 17 – 19, 2020
Booth 321

More information: https://www.sae.org/attend/aerotechamericas

ILA Berlin
Berlin, Germany
May 13 – 17, 2020

More information: https://www.ila-berlin.de

Farnborough Airshow
Farnborough, UK
July 20 – 24, 2020

More information: https://www.farnboroughairshow.com/

Orlando, FL, USA
September 21 – 24, 2020

More information: https://www.thecamx.org

China International Import Expo
Shanghai, China
November 05 – 10, 2020

More information: https://www.ciie.org/zbh/en/

Zhuhai Airshow China
Zhuhai, China
November 10 -15, 2020

More information: http://www.airshow.com.cn/Category_1216/Index.aspx

Aviation Forum Hamburg
Hamburg, Germany
November 17 – 18, 2020

More information: https://www.aviationforumhamburg.com


Norbert Steinkemper
Communication and Marketing

Broetje-Automation GmbH awarded as Digital Place of Lower Saxony

Broetje-Automation GmbH today has been officially awarded as a "Digital Place Lower Saxony". The state of Lower Saxony has awarded the company, which is based in Rastede in the district of Ammerland, for its applied "Digitized Process Chain in Aircraft Production".
"The "Digital Place Lower Saxony" award focuses on initiatives, projects, companies and institutions that are particularly committed to digitization and thus make an important contribution to the innovative power of our state," says State Secretary Stefan Muhle, summarizing the idea behind the award.

Building on more than 40 years of experience with the integration of production lines in the aviation industry, Broetje-Automation has developed a concept with which the entire production chain in the Smart Factory can be digitized using networked systems and tools. 
The concept of the "Smart Aerospace Factory" takes the step from today's usual individual evaluation of machine data to the improvement of the individual system, to the comprehensive digital networking of all elements at the level of the production line. 
The prerequisite for this is to make the individual machines and systems "digitizable". For this purpose, Broetje-Automation has developed the software platform "SOUL" in-house.

Broetje-Automation is the global market leader in the field of automated aircraft assembly. The company is also closely associated with the regional aviation industry in Lower Saxony/Northern Germany. With the help of the internal digitization initiative launched several years ago, the company improves productivity in aircraft construction and enables the introduction of industry 4.0 and digitization projects in the industry. 

Regional partners such as regional medium-sized partners, but also research institutions and universities work together on new solutions through and with digitization. Schools, universities, research institutions, start-ups, small and medium-sized companies as well as industrial enterprises, crafts enterprises, charitable institutions and other institutions can apply to the Digitalagentur Niedersachsen for the "Digital Places of Lower Saxony" award. It is an award that highlights the extraordinary commitment to the success of digitisation in the respective field. In return, the awardees undertake to inform other people and institutions about their path towards progressive digitisation.

At the digital congress TECHTIDE, which will take place on 3/4 December at the Hannover Exhibition Grounds, the "Digital Places of Lower Saxony", awarded in 2019, will be presented to the public.

Broetje-Automation present at Aerospace Meetings Casablanca

The aerospace industry in Morocco is growing by 15 to 20% per year and is developing into an important market for the aerospace industry. New businesses with high added value, careers and innovative technologies are emerging. Broetje-Automation is therefore presenting itself for the first time at the Aerospace Meetings Casablanca.  AEROSPACE MEETINGS Casablanca is a platform for the international aviation industry to further expand business relations in this strategic market. 

Visit us from 29 OCTOBER TO 31 OCTOBER 2019 in Casablanca!

Meet us at the Aviation Forum Munich!

Broetje-Automation invites you to join us at the 9th Aviation Forum Munich 2019. Learn more about out automated solutions for production and assembly in the aerospace industry.

Mobile - Agile -  Digital: Don't miss our technical session and learn about latest innovations for Future Aircraft Manufacturing Technologies. 

Broetje-Automation hands over Fully Automatic Drilling and Riveting System to Pilatus

In order to remain competitive on an international level, it is essential in the aviation industry to be innovative at the highest technical level in all areas of the production process. Broetje-Automation and Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG were able to celebrate a milestone for business jet production with the handover of the fully automatic drilling and riveting system for series production of the PC-24  Super Versatile Jet.

The degree of automation in modern aircraft construction has increased sharply in recent years. After many years focusing primarily on commercial passenger aircraft, innovative manufacturers from the regional and business segments are increasingly turning to partially and fully automated production processes. Pilatus is demonstrating at its Stans site in Switzerland how automation in this class of aircraft can be successful.

Thanks to modern manufacturing concepts and a consistent focus on automation right from the design phase of the aircraft, structural assembly can be operated competitively also in high-wage countries such as Switzerland. During the development of the PC-24, care was taken from the outset to ensure efficient processing of aircraft components with automated riveting machines. This results in a high degree of automation and thus the possibility of reducing the manual effort involved in building the PC-24.

The Swiss aircraft manufacturer's vision of working closely with production planning and equipment manufacturers such as Broetje-Automation right from the design phase enables the riveting system now in operation to guarantee significantly increased capacity flexibility. This allows a wide variety of structural components of the PC-24 to be flexibly assembled on the system. The fastening system, which has been jointly optimized by Broetje-Automation and Pilatus for this application, offers the necessary flexibility and productivity.

Lutz Neugebauer, CEO of the Broetje-Automation Group, congratulated Markus Bucher, CEO of Pilatus on the success and thanked Pilatus for the trust it had placed in the automation specialists in aircraft production. The system, which has now been handed over, is part of a major investment by Pilatus at its Stans site, which also represents a commitment to Switzerland as an aircraft manufacturing location. By 2020, a state-of-the-art production line for the aircraft structures of the PC-24 will be operational in the completely new structural hall.

The changeover to automated structural engineering will take place in several steps. By the end of 2019 all relevant PC-24 assemblies will be tested in automated production on the C-frame riveting machine. Based on these findings, the automated process will then be optimized for series production. The operation start of the automated operation with the riveting machine will take place in 2020.


Norbert Steinkemper
Phone: +49 (4402) 966-141

Broetje Automation, Zünd and Rebstock Consulting demonstrate innovative Cutting, Sorting and Kitting solution for composite plys

At this year's Composites Europe trade show in Stuttgart, Broetje-Automation, Zünd and Rebstock Consulting presented together for the first time an innovative solution for automatic cutting and sorting of composite plys. The live demonstration of a collaborating cutter table, robot and gripper unit was one of the eye-catchers of the event. The partners drew a positive balance of the fair appearance and could be pleased about numerous inquiries and contacts.

With increasing industrialization, the networking of individual production steps with the help of the digital process chain is playing an increasingly important role in the composite industry. Broetje-Automation therefore has developed solutions especially for the interconnection of individual production steps. At Composites Europe, an excellent example of this was presented together with partners Zünd and Rebstock Consulting.

Under the title "Process live", the trade show organizers offer machine and plant manufacturers a platform for demonstrating their technologies in interaction during operation on joint exhibition areas. The live demonstration of the fully automatic cutting, sorting and kitting process was the attraction at the fair. Numerous guests were impressed by the high process maturity and robustness of the shown process.

The Automated Sorting and Kitting System (ASK) developed by Broetje-Automation allows to eliminate this interface in the processing of composite blanks. The picking, sorting and draping of blanks is done by a fully automatic robot system. The ASK system calculates the optimum blanks on the cutting table under computer control, picks up the individual blanks and sorts them as required for the next process steps.

This integration of automatic sorting functions eliminates the need for time-consuming manual sorting of the blanks. The automatic sorting system manages with up to 25% less working space and thus saves space for other production steps in the necessary clean rooms.

The partners drew a positive balance of the fair. The solution shown aroused the interest of various customers. After an intensive development phase, automatic sorting and draping is now finding its way into everyday industrial life, thus making a contribution to better integration of the entire production chain.


Zünd Systemtechnik GmbH is the market leader in the development and manufacture of multifunctional digital flatbed cutters. Its customers are commercial service providers and industrial companies from the graphics industry, the packaging industry, the textile and leather industry as well as from the technical textile and composite market. www.zund.com  

Rebstock Consulting is Zünd's official sales partner. The services of Rebstock Consulting GmbH & Co. KG include consulting, service and sales of complete solutions as well as the distribution of spare parts. Rebstock offers complete CAD, CAM and CIM solutions for the technical textile and composite market. Rebstock also covers the upholstered furniture, automotive and aviation industries with suitable solutions. www.rebstockconsulting.de  

Broetje-Automation is the world's leading manufacturer of automation solutions for the aerospace industry. The range of systems extends from intelligent tools for aircraft assembly to machines and systems in both the metallic aircraft construction and composite sectors to factory and plant planning and as an integrator for production and assembly lines including the digital process chain from the individual system to digital line management. www.broetje-automation.de 


Norbert Steinkemper
Phone: +49 (4402) 966-141

The live demonstration aroused the interest of numerous trade fair visitors. Photo: Broetje-Automation GmbH
The Composite Handling System - CHS from Broetje-Automation is the heart of the Automated Sorting and Kitting solution. Photo: Broetje-Automation GmbH

A pearl of innovation in the region - Minister of Science Björn Thümler visits Broetje-Automation in Rastede

Björn Thümler, member of the CDU state parliament and Lower Saxony's minister for science and culture, was impressed by the high-tech company Broetje-Automation. Almost every civil aircraft in the world contains parts manufactured or assembled on Broetje-Automation machines and systems. The world market leader with almost 800 employees has its headquarters at the motorway junction in Rastede and is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. 

Björn Thümler, member of the CDU state parliament for Rastede and Lower Saxony's minister for science and culture, notes: "Unfortunately, in my opinion, too little is known in my own country that the company is regarded as an internationally important player in the economy and a so-called hidden champion". Thümler has now visited the world's leading expert for production processes in the aerospace industry to set an example. 

He was accompanied by Manfred Wolf, the former plant manager of Airbus in Nordenham and long-time companion of the company that initiated the meeting. The aircraft supplier now operates under the name "Premium AEROTEC" and is one of its most important customers. 
"Broetje-Automation can justifiably be described as a pearl of innovation", Thümler praised CEO Lutz Neugebauer during the management of the company. "It is important for Rastede and the entire northwest that word gets around that such successful drivers of the economy are not only located in large cities or metropolises. Here in the region, they also find convincing location conditions - and when I think of the local recreation value in Rastede, for example, they might even be better". 

One of the topics of discussion during the company visit was the better equipment of the research funding programmes for regional cooperation between industry and science in Lower Saxony.  "Cooperation with research institutions and universities is indispensable for the technological performance of industry in Lower Saxony".  Lutz Neugebauer put it this way and agreed with Björn Thümler. Broetje-Automation has been working for many years with regional scientific institutions such as the Jade University in Wilhelmshaven, the German Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence and the German Aerospace Center. Following Neugebauer's presentation, the company is also striving to further expand its cooperation in the future, for example with the University of Hanover. 

Broetje-Automation emerged in 1979 from the long-established Rasteder company August Brötje for mechanical engineering and heating technology. Since 2016, the company has belonged to the Chinese Shanghai Electric Group, which is the market leader in China's mechanical engineering industry.

Automated Sorting and Kitting showcase at Composites Europe 2019


Minimized Risks - Increased Quality and Throughput thanks to End-to-End Process Automation

Composite manufacturing is on the threshold of industrial mass production. However, manual individual processes still represent a barrier on the way to continuous industrial mass production of composite components. At this year's Composites Europe, Broetje Automation will be demonstrating how automated series production is possible by the intelligent use of robot technology.

With the increasing maturity of the composites industry, manufacturing processes must also meet the higher demands of industrial series production. In recent years, numerous processes have therefore been automated, for example in the area of cutting to size.

However, many processes in composite manufacturing and in particular the interfaces between the individual value-added steps are not yet sufficiently interconnected. As a result, many companies have developed a juxtaposition of highly automated production processes and manual processing steps that leads to imbalances in throughput, quality and efficiency. Production environments often reach their limits. Further production growth can often only be achieved by significantly expanding the production area.

Integrated process automation, as is common in other industries, has hardly been found in the composites industry to date. Broetje-Automation has taken care of these interfaces and developed a simple solution that allows a significant improvement in performance and a significant increase in the degree of automation with little effort.

›› Better Coordination of Process Steps - Saving Space on the Shopfloor

A key element for industrial production is a coordinated design and digital link between all stations in the value chain. Interfaces between individual stations are often the bottleneck and a source of errors in production. The Automated Sorting and Kitting System (ASK) developed by Broetje-Automation makes it possible to eliminate this interface in the processing of composite blanks. The picking, sorting and draping of blanks is done by a fully automated robotic system. The computer-controlled ASK system calculates the optimum cuts on the cutter table, picks up the individual blanks and sorts them in an optimized way for the next process steps.

This integration of automatic sorting functions eliminates the need for time-consuming manual sorting of the blanks. The automatic sorting and kitting system manages with up to 25% less working space and thus saves space on the shopfloor for other production steps in the necessary but costly clean rooms.

››  Relieve Workers of Monotonous Work and Deploy them more Efficiently and Intelligently

The digital process monitoring generated with the aid of a digital twin - a parallel computer simulation of component and system - also minimizes errors, increases process reliability and thus eliminates risks - especially those arising from monotonous, less demanding manual activities. The drastic reduction of error sources improves quality on the one hand and throughput on the other. The full potential for more productivity of the systems used is thus fully exploited.

The manual labour employed can thus concentrate on higher-value activities. Manual, mostly monotonous and ergonomically unfavourable activities are taken over by the robots. Against the background of demographic change, this supports companies in introducing the factory of the future and securing their competitiveness.

›› Leveraging Digitalisation and Eliminating Paper Documentation

The consistent digital interconnection of the system enables with the help of the digital twin, a full documentation of each activity step in the digital component file. With the help of Big Data, further optimizations can be carried out - for example predictive maintenance concepts for optimized maintenance of machines and systems. The component documentation, which is often done on paper today, is no longer necessary, and the data obtained can also be used for further optimization of the component and production process - fully documented and thus ideal for safety-critical industries such as the aerospace industry.

›› Showcase: Automated Sorting and Kitting at Composites Europe 2019

At this year's Composites Europe in Stuttgart, the partners Broetje-Automation and Rebstock Consulting / Zünd present the Automated Sorting and Kitting Solution (ASK) as one of many examples of how, with little effort at the decisive interfaces, major advances in the industrialization of composites can be achieved.

Visit us in hall 9, booth no. 9C77

Broetje-Automation is main exhibitor at SAE AEROTECH Bordeaux 2019


Look forward to exciting presentations on automated manufacturing systems for the aerospace industry. 

The SAE Aerospace Technology Confrence will be held this year from 24.-26. September in Bordeaux, France. As in previous years Broetje-Automation GmbH will be part of the conference with exciting presentations. Visitors can look forward to the following topics from the Broetje-Automation Group:

  • Universal fibre placement of the next generation
  • Innovative automated sorting & sitting solution for cutting machines in the aerospace industry
  • Drill process optimizations by drill force management and inline process monitoring
  • Integrating collaborative robotics (cobots) for automation in production environments
  • Line side equipment
  • High efficient automated lines

We are looking forward to an exciting technical programme at the show. Visit us at SAE AEROTECH 2019 in Bordeaux, Booth #39!

Visit us at MAKS 2019

Like in previous years Broetje-Automation GmbH will be present at the MAKS International Aviation and Space Salon 2019 as member of the German Pavillon led by the BDLI - German Aerospace Industries Association. We are pleased to invite you to our Booth, Hall F3 booth #A13b. We will introduce you to our latest innovation from automation, robotics and aerospace assembly systems.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Moskow!

The Next Era of Aerospace Manufacturing - Broetje-Automation UK shows latest technologies

Leading industry specialist from the aerospace and automotive industry discussed with researchers and regional networks how the Factory of the Future will look like and what challenges and opportunities are likely to be faced at a networking event on the 11th of June 2019.

Broetje-Automation invited its guests to a networking forum and open house at its newly established facility in Sandycroft, North Wales. Wulf Heuschen, CEO of Broetje-Automation Ltd emphasized the ambition to engage with the local aerospace and automotive communities: “Broetje-Automation is a team player and we are proud to have such experienced and well-positioned partners in the UK. We are looking forward to expand our business relationships in the region”.

In her key note Dr. Faye Smith, Materials Specialist at the Department for International Trade (DIT) introduced the audience into the world of composites. Dr. Smith’s presentation gave the audience an insight into the UK’s Support for composites and what efforts are being made by leading industry groups, government officials and researchers to ensure that the industry continues to grow in the competitive world of global composite production.

With the automotive industry being one of the biggest investors and drivers for the use of composites all eyes were on Dr. Nuno Lourenço from Jaguar Land Rover- Body Engineering. Dr. Lourenço gave a high level summary of the research project TUCANA. The project focuses on developing stiffer and lightweight vehicle technology for the automotive industry. Tucana, brings together a consortium of world-leading academic and industry partners. Led by Jaguar Land Rover, other partners in the project are WMG, University of Warwick, Expert Tooling & Automation Limited, Toray International U.K. Limited, CCP Gransden Lltd, and Magna Exteriors (Banbury) Limited. The project is funded by the government as part of a 10-year programme to make the UK a world-leader in low carbon technology through the modern Industrial Strategy.

Broetje-Automation UK Ltd brought its latest Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) technology to this project supporting the UK automotive industry. The STAXX Fiber Placement Machine Center provides the capability to industrialize the series production of carbon fiber parts for the automotive industry – one of the major goals of the TUCANA project.

Lutz Neugebauer, CEO of the Broetje-Automation Group based in Rastede Germany introduced BA’s product portfolio to the audience. “The United Kingdom has been a key part of our groups’ major markets for years. We are proud to present our newest expansion in the North of Wales; supporting our customers in their industrialization efforts and contribute to the further expansion of industrial production both in the aerospace and automotive industry” said Neugebauer. Demonstrations of the Collaborative Robotics applications as well the latest Automated Fiber placement (AFP) technology of the Broetje-Automation Group gave the audience a practical insight into how manufacturing technology is developing.


Broetje-Automation UK Ltd.

Mr Andrew Rourke
Head of Business Development & Sales
Phone: +44 7889 551503


left to right: Lutz Neugebauer, CEO Broetje-Automation GmbH; Wulf Heuschen, CEO Broetje-Automation UK Ltd.; Andrew Rourke, Head of Business Development & Sales, Broetje-Automation UK Ltd. (Photo: Broetje-Automation)

Networking Forum and Open House at Broetje-Automation UK

SAVE THE DATE for June 11, 2019

For the last 40 years Broetje-Automation has been a recognised leading innovator, and provider of specialist automated assembly systems and equipment including CFRP ATL capabilities for the aerospace sector. With Digitalisation and the IoT - Industry 4.0 revolution now becoming ever more critical in linking automation and data intelligence exchanges shaping and optimising serial production efficiencies.

We would be delighted if you could join us for our Open House – Networking Event on the 11th June at our new Sandycroft Facility.

During the event you can meet our team, and hear key note speakers:

  • Dr Faye Smith: Department of International Trade: Materials FDI Specialist | Technology, Entrepreneurship & Advanced Manufacturing.
  • Raphael Reinhold: Broetje-Automation GmbH: Head of R&T Composites

Additionally, we will run demonstrations of our STAXX 2500 3D ATL machine.

On confirmation, we will provide a full agenda inclusive of timings, refreshments and a light lunch will also be provided.



Andrew Rourke
Head of Business Development & Sales
Broetje-Automation UK

E-mail:  Andrew.Rourke@broetje-automation.com 

New Managing Director appointed for BA Services

Heinrich Giere has been appointed as new Managing Director of BA Services GmbH. With effect from 01 March 2019, he took over the management of the service subsidiary of Broetje-Automation. He succeeds Lutz Neugebauer, who took over responsibility as Managing Director of the entire Broetje Group at the beginning of January.

Heinrich Giere has held various positions at Broetje-Automation worldwide since 1988. Most recently, he was Executive Vice President in the extended Executive Board of BA Services. An experienced manager and good connoisseur of customers and the market will thus move into the management of the company. Lutz Neugebauer, CEO of Broetje Automation: "Our customers expect production to run smoothly at all times. For Broetje-Automation, reliable, fast and effective service is therefore the top priority. Heinrich Giere knows the needs of our customers as well as the technical details of our entire product portfolio better than anyone else. I am very pleased that he is taking over this important position for Broetje Automation".

BA Services GmbH was founded in 2012 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Broetje-Automation in order to bundle the after-market business and offer all services from a single source. Broetje-Automation thus goes well beyond the usual service level on the market in order to support its customers in making the best possible use of their plant capacities.

"I am looking forward to the new challenge," emphasizes Mr. Giere. "Our objective is that our customers can expect maximum productivity from day one over the entire life cycle of a machine. First-class service is the prerequisite for this. BA Services offers this service".

The company currently employs more than 100 people and is ISO 9100, 14001 and 18001 certified. In addition to its headquarters in Rastede/Loy in Lower Saxony, BA Services has 15 service units in seven countries worldwide. The range of services includes on-site OEM support as well as upgrades and modifications for own and third-party systems and spare parts management. The in-house Academy offers customers tailor-made training measures to further increase the efficiency and availability of the machines and systems. The Quick-Response Team of BA Services provides fast and competent assistance in maintenance cases via the in-house support hotline and the self-developed service portal.

Le salon de l’automatisation & des robots pour l’usage industriel

 « Automate 2019 Show and Conference » est le plus grand salon d’Amérique du Nord consacré aux tendances du secteur d’automatisation, de technologie de pointe et d’innovation commerciale. Il a lieu cette semaine à McCormick Place à Chicago. C’est une première pour Broetje-Automation. Venez retrouver nos experts en solutions de production automatisée et robotisée au stand n ° 9253.

Fort de 40 ans d'expérience dans l'intégration de lignes de production, Broetje-Automation s'est positionnée en tant qu’intégrateur de ligne d’assemblage automatisée. Cette activité comprend l'ensemble des solutions robotisées destinées à la production et à l'assemblage. Broetje-Automation fournit à ses clients les systèmes de production sur mesure et efficaces, des cobots plus petits et plus légers manipulés par nos collaborateurs grâce  aux  jumelles virtuelles et la réalité augmentée jusqu’aux robots plus robustes tel que PowerRACe.

 «Tandis que beaucoup d'applications robotiques actuelles ne servent que de support logistique, assurant des tâches de manutention dans la production industrielle, Broetje-Automation met l’accent sur le processus de fabrication qui ajoute une valeur ajoutée à la production du client», déclare Ken Benczkowski, président de Broetje-Automation USA. Tout en respectant les normes très strictes de l'industrie aérospatiale, Broetje-Automation possède une vaste expérience dans divers processus tels que le perçage, le rivetage, l'inspection, l’application de joint automatisée…

Grâce au robot PowerRACe, spécialement développé pour conserver la plus grande précision possible sous de lourdes charges, Broetje-Automation a développé son propre robot. «C'est le meilleur des deux mondes» explique Benczkowski. ‘PowerRACe’ associe la précision d'un centre d'usinage à la flexibilité du robot, tout en respectant les normes les plus élevées en matière de qualité, même sous des charges élevées. Par conséquent, il ouvre la voie vers de nouvelles applications dans divers secteurs. PowerRACe offre une efficacité et des performances jusqu'à 50% supérieures à celles des robots traditionnels.

Le secteur des composites est un autre secteur avec un fort potentiel d'automatisation et d'industrialisation. Avec des taux de production croissants, la fabrication de composite doit aujourd'hui répondre aux exigences d'une production industrielle mature et capable de série. Broetje-Automation s'appuie sur son expérience d'installation de production spécialisée dans le secteur aéronautique ainsi que sur sa connaissance approfondie des processus de production de composite afin d'exploiter tout le potentiel de l'automatisation des composites : pré-imprégnés, thermoplastiques et fibres sèches.

STAXX Flex - notre dernier développement - est un effecteur final compact et polyvalent pour l’empilement/superposition de fibres 2D et 3D. En raison de son faible poids, il peut facilement être monté sur n'importe quel robot standard et constitue donc une solution industrielle très compétitive. Avec la tête de placement de fibres flexibles STAXX, Broetje-Automation franchit une nouvelle étape en automatisant la chaîne de valeur de la fabrication de composite. Grâce au STAXX, possibilité d'intégrer des processus à différentes étapes de la production, l'efficacité et la productivité de la fabrication de composite peuvent être considérablement améliorées.

Broetje-Automation étendra sa présence sur le marché nord-américain au cours des prochains mois. Au second semestre, la société ouvrira son tout nouveau site de production dans la région de Chicago, offrant aux clients un meilleur environnement et une meilleure proximité.

C’est une première pour Broetje-Automation à Chicago.
Power RACe est le robot le plus robuste du marché. En tant que produit propre développé par Broetje-Automation, il peut être adapté à divers processus de fabrication industrielle.
STAXX Flex, notre dernier développement, est un effecteur compact et polyvalent pour la superposition de fibres 2D et 3D. Grâce à la possibilité d’intégrer des processus à différentes étapes de production, l’efficacité et la productivité de la fabrication de composites peuvent être améliorées.

Broetje-Automation Presents Collaborative Robot Solution at HannoverMesse 2019

Broetje-Automation is the world's leading expert in production processes for the aerospace industry. Digitalisation, the use of smart and interconnected tools and the establishment of new manufacturing concepts are changing the way aircraft are built today. Broetje-Automation now presents its latest innovation on the way to the connected factory of the future.

Together with the partners Airbus Operations, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, EngRoTec and The Captury, a research demonstrator for hybrid manufacturing scenarios in aircraft construction is shown at the HannoverMesse for the first time to the general public. This new solution was developed in the project "Hybr-iT - Hybrid and intelligent human-robot collaboration" funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

At the DFKI booth (Hall 2, C59) the company will show, how two humans and six robots can work together as a hybrid team on several production tasks. The robots take over what is unergonomic, repetitive or physically stressful for humans, such as setting and sealing rivets on aircraft fuselages. The robots organize themselves "around the human being", who thus gains degrees of freedom and flexibility in the execution of his work plan.

Broetje-Automation has taken a big step forward in the industrialization of collaborating robots (so-called CoBots). While the Cobots' previous areas of application were limited to comparatively low-value-added activities, physical work on the aircraft component could now be successfully demonstrated for the first time. This significantly increases the effectiveness of the technologies used and thus the cost-effectiveness of the application.

For this purpose, Broetje-Automation has developed various end effectors which are mounted on a lightweight robot on an autonomously moving platform and thus independently perform work on the workpiece. The worker takes over the tasks that require higher cognitive or sensorimotor abilities, such as fine adjustment and quality control. He is supported by interconnected HoloLens glasses through an augmented reality application, which is integrated into the IT production environment by Broetje-Automation with the help of a digital twin that allows quality control as well as planning and implementation of additional work steps in real time.

The demonstrator will be shown until the end oft he week at the Hannover Messe in Hall 2, booth C59. The experts that have conducted the project will be there to answer any questions throughout the entire duration of the fair.

Successful JEC World 2019 for Broetje-Automation

Fiber Placement Center celebrates its first anniversary at JEC World and welcomes two new partners

Broetje-Automation looks back on a successful JEC World 2019 in Paris. In addition to the presentation of the various automation solutions with which industrialization in composite production is being further advanced, a birthday could be celebrated also. The Fiber Placement Center, which was founded in 2018 by SGL Carbon and Fraunhofer IGCV and in which Broetje Automation has been involved from the very beginning, celebrated its first birthday. At the same time, the admission of two further partners to the center was celebrated.

The FPC offers its customers the opportunity to develop new manufacturing concepts and demonstrate them in prototype production on an area of more than 500 square meters with various high-tech facilities.

›› Showcase for standardized composite series production

At the Fiber Placement Center Broetje-Automation is presenting the world's first CNC-controlled STAXX Compact 1700 machining centre, which has been specially developed for industrial series production. This allows pre-impregnated carbon or glass fiber bundles, so-called towpregs, to be automatically and reproducibly routed away from the coil very close to the desired final contour. The process significantly reduces material losses and (press) scrap and thus (unit) costs.

"In order to meet the requirements of series production, we have focused on developing the STAXX Compact 1700, a robust and process-reliable solution that can also be integrated into existing production structures. We are very pleased to be able to present this standardized concept at the Fiber Placement Center in Meitingen", says Thomas Oetken, Senior Sales Manager at BA Composites GmbH, the composite subsidiary of Broetje-Automation GmbH.

The standardized approach of the STAXX Compact 1700 integrates all necessary automation components without interface and adaptation problems to a universal, thus highly efficient and comfortable manageable overall solution. It is also easy to connect to existing systems and extensions at any time.

›› New STAXX development for complex components

At this year's JEC World, Broetje-Automation presented a further development of the STAXX Compact. With the STAXX 3D, the system concept was extended by the ability to store complex components in 3D.

The STAXX FLEX fiber delivery head was this year presented to the public for the first time. STAXX Flex is currently the lightest end effector for fiber placement on the market. It can also be used effortlessly on standard robots and has the ability to place 16 tows simultaneously even on complex shaped components.

›› Reinforcement in the Fiber Placement Center

The successful concept of the Fiber Placement Center is now being implemented by the two new partners

Cevotec and Coriolis Composites. Cevotec plans to build a SAMBA Pro prepreg plant in Meitingen by mid-2020, which will add the innovative fiber patch placement process to the FPC's range of services. Coriolis is to expand the FPC's machine park with a Coriolis Csolo system for further automated production.

Further information on the Fiber Placement Center can be found at:


Foto (f.l.t.r.): Prof. Dr. Drechsler (Fraunhofer IGCV, Dr. Matthias Meyer (Broetje-Automation / BA Composites), Vincent Dwornik (Coriolis Composites), Thomas Gahr (Coriolis Composites), Ingo Karb (Compositence), Hannah Paulus (SGL Carbon), Andreas Wüllner (SGL Carbon), Thorsten Gröne (Cevotec).
Der Staxx flex Fiber Placement Kopf erweckte großes Interesse auf der JEC World 2019 in Paris

Digitization as an Opportunity for Automated Composite Manufacturing

The digitization of production processes in the aerospace industry offers new opportunities for significant productivity gains in composite manufacturing. Building on more than 40 years of experience with the integration of production lines, Broetje-Automation has specifically positioned itself as a supplier of integrated production systems. “Industry 4.0“ applications play a key role in this.

With increasing production rates, composite manufacturing today has to meet the requirements of a mature, series-capable industrial production. Without stable "end-to-end" organized production processes, the industrial use of fiber composite components in the aerospace industry will not be competitive in the long run.

›› Turnkey capability as a prerequisite for industrialization

The Broetje-Automation Group uses the extensive experience of specialized production facilities for the aviation industry as well as a deep understanding of composite production processes in order to exploit the full potential of digitization together with its customers. The in-house experts for composite materials have brought various new production processes onto the market in recent years. The focus is on innovative fiber placement and tape laying systems, continuous preforming as well as 3D handling, cutting and draping systems for all types of composite materials through to automated sealing, which can be precisely integrated into the customer's existing production systems according to the customer's requirements.

›› Standardized machine communication as enabler for industry 4.0

The systems developed by Broetje-Automation are already equipped today for use in digitized manufacturing. The backbone of every integrated solution is standardized machine communication. The core components of almost all Broetje-Automation systems for the aerospace industry are high-end Sinumerik 840D sl CNC controls, the functionality and performance of which also enable very demanding and complex functions on the basis of a uniform platform.

›› Assembly / Line Management for effective production control

The individual components are interconnected by the Assembly / Line Management System developed by Broetje-Automation to ensure the necessary transparency in production. In addition to the creation of overall assembly controls and paperless documentation, the software also permits process-accompanying flow control with the aid of KPI indicators (QCDP) over the entire production chain. This leads to a significant increase in productivity and cost reduction due to the more effective production control of the interconnected machines. An open interface to the respective MES/ERP of the customer closes a gap in the digitization of production processes that often occurs today.

›› Digitization as a key to industrialization of composite production

This provides the customer with a uniform interface for effective control of both individual systems and the entire production line. With the consistent application of state of the art industry 4.0 principles with the help of solutions from Broetje-Automation, the way of the transition to industrialization of composite production if opened for the future.


Thomas Oetken
Senior Sales Manager
BA Composites GmbH

The latest product from Broetje-Automation STAXX flex is a compact and versatile end effector for 2D and 3D fiber stacking. Thanks to the ability to integrate processes across various production steps, efficiency and productivity in composite manufacturing can be increased significantly.
The Line Management System from Broetje-Automation offers transparency over the entire manufacturing process and thus allows effective control of entire production chains. As an interface to the customer's MES/ERP systems, it is the backbone for the integration of composite production.

JEC World Paris 2019 - Broetje-Automation showcases latest products for automated composite manufacturing

Rastede, 26.02.2019

In a few days the world’s largest trade show for composite solutions will open its gates in Paris. Broetje-Automation, the world's leading expert in specialized production processes for the aerospace industry shows the latest composite trends. See our brand new head for automated fiber placement (AFP), and discuss with our experts in Hall 5 G67 new solutions such as our pioneering continuous preforming system and many more!

Building on more than 40 years of experience with the integration of production lines, Broetje-Automation has specifically positioned itself as a supplier of integrated production systems. Now we are leveraging this experience for the benefit of the composite industry. With increasing production rates, composite manufacturing today has to meet the requirements of a mature, series-capable industrial production. Some core product to deliver smart composite manufacturing will be showcased at the JEC World 2019 from June 12-14 in Paris, France.

Make sure to step by our Booth G67 in Hall 5 to see our newest product development that will be displayed through the entire show. STAXX flex, our latest product development is a compact and versatile end effector for 2D and 3D fiber stacking. With the STAXX flex fiber placement head Broetje-Automation hits another milestone in automating the entire value stream of composite manufacturing. Thanks to the ability to integrate processes across various production steps, efficiency and productivity in composite manufacturing can be increased significantly.

The fiber placement head was designed for complex parts that previously had to be manufactured by manual lay-up. With its compact design and its local material storage, the STAXX flex is the perfect solution for the further industrialization of composite manufacturing.

Combined with our Line Integration solutions, we are capable of getting the highest efficiencies out of your composite production. The Line Management System (LMS) from Broetje-Automation offers transparency over the entire manufacturing process and thus allows effective control of entire production chains. As an interface to the customer's MES/ERP systems, it is the backbone for the integration of composite production.

Our focus on serial production in an industrial environment is inherent to all of our products. Our solution for continuous composite preforming is another example showcased at JEC World. For the first time, our Continuous Composite Preforming Cell delivers high volume serial production of complex and near-net-shape preforms for composite components through the RTM process.

The fully automated robotic cell combines several of our own patent-pending solutions, including the following product developments:

  • Continuous Composite Preforming System
  • Composite Draping System
  • Composite Handling System
  • Composite Trimming System

Broetje-Automation - innovative composite manufacturing technology and complete system integrator know-how for your industrial production requirements.

Visit us at JEC World 2019: Hall 5, Booth G67



Thomas Oetken
Phone: +49 (172) 7574860

The latest product from Broetje-Automation STAXX flex is a compact and versatile end effector for 2D and 3D fiber stacking. Thanks to the ability to integrate processes across various production steps, efficiency and productivity in composite manufacturing can be increased significantly.
The Line Management System from Broetje-Automation offers transparency over the entire manufacturing process and thus allows effective control of entire production chains. As an interface to the customer's MES/ERP systems, it is the backbone for the integration of composite production.


Our trade show dates 2019

Broetje-Automation is exhibitor at the following trade fairs. We are looking forward to welcoming you!

JEC World
Paris, France
International Composites Event
March 12 - 14, 2019
Hall 5, Booth G67

More information: https://www.jec-world.events

Charleston, SC, USA
March 26 – 28, 2019
Booth #304

More information: https://www.sae.org/attend/aerotechamericas

Hannover Messe Industrie
Hannover, Germany
April 01 - 05, 2019
Hall 2, Booth C59

More information: https://www.hannovermesse.de

Automate 2019
Chicago, USA
April 08 - 11, 2019
Booth 9253

More information: https://www.automateshow.com

Paris Le Bourget Airshow
Paris, France
June 17 - 23, 2019
Hall 2a, Booth #C280

More information: https://www.siae.fr

MAKS 2019 - International Aviation and Space Salon
Moskau, Russia
July 23 - 28, 2019
Hall F3, Booth F3-A13b

More information: https://www.aviasalon.com

Composites Europe
Stuttgart, Germany
September 10 - 12
Hall 9 - Booth #9C77

More Information: https://www.composites-europe.com


Bordeaux, France
September 24 - 28, 2019
Booth #39/40, 46/47

More information: https://www.sae.org/attend/aerotecheurope

China International Import Expo
Shanghai, China
November 05 - 10, 2019

More information: http://www.shanghai-expo.org



Norbert Steinkemper
Communication and Marketing


Changes in Broetje-Automation management

The Supervisory Board and the Management Board of Broetje-Automation herein announces a change in the leadership of the company.  Effective 1 January 2019, Mr. Lutz Neugebauer has taken over as Chief Executive Officer of the Broetje-Automation Group. He succeeds Mr. Bernd Schröder, who has managed the company for the last 12 years.

Mr. Neugebauer has been with the company since 1991 and has held various management positions. Previously, he served as Chief Operating Officer and as a member of the management board. With him, an experienced manager assumes responsibility for the group.

Under the management of Mr. Schröder, Broetje-Automation has developed into an international group of companies with over 850 employees at 24 locations in seven countries. He led Broetje-Automation to above-average growth in a challenging market environment. In addition to expanding the product portfolio (Operations Tooling, CFRP Technology, Assembly Lines, Sealing Automation) the international footprint (above all USA, China, Japan, Russia) was also significantly expanded.

The relocation into a new headquarters in Loy was completed in 2015. This change as well as many years of experience from various customer projects were used to reorganize internal processes, develop new products and further improve performance.

The Supervisory Board would like to thank Mr. Bernd Schröder for his work and commitment and wishes him, Mr. Neugebauer, and the entire management team every success in the future. Mr. Schröder will be available to the company with his experience as an advisory capacity.


From riveting automation to Cobots - Broetje Automation celebrates 40 years of innovation for aerospace manufacturing

Rastede/Loy. 2019 will be a special year for the Broetje-Automation Group: The mechanical engineering company from the German North-West looks back on 40 successful years as a specialist in manufacturing and assembly technology for the aviation industry.

Since the foundation of the company in 1979, Broetje-Automation has established as a turnkey supplier in the aviation industry worldwide. With over 850 employees at 24 locations in seven countries, the company today offers a comprehensive portfolio of manufacturing technologies for a wide variety of materials and applications in the aviation industry.

The company began forty years ago with manufacturing systems for the automotive industry, but quickly focused on applications for the aviation industry. The equipment, often developed in collaboration with partners and customers, laid the foundation for the leading drilling and riveting technology expertise the company is known for worldwide. This success is also based on a well-established network of suppliers and technology partners as well as an intensive dialogue with customers worldwide. For more than 10 years, Broetje-Automation has also been leveraging the state initiative Niedersachsen Aviation with its good network in Northern Germany.

The group has grown as a comprehensive provider of all types of manufacturing solutions up to complete production systems for the aerospace industry. Over the years, the product portfolio has been expanded to include further applications such as operational tooling, fully automated CFRP technology, sealing automation and assembly lines / assembly systems. Since 2013, Broetje-Automation has established BA Services GmbH as an independent unit to support customers worldwide in the service of production systems.

Broetje-Automation is one of the drivers for the implementation of Industry 4.0 in the aerospace industry, with the in-house development of a comprehensive software package ranging all the way to complex assembly/line management, which for the first time offers an integrated software solution for cross-machine production optimization.

The various robot systems that are revolutionizing production technology also play a special role here. As early as 2016 Broetje-Automation has introduced "PowerRACe", the world's first robot specifically developed for the aviation industry. In contrast to standard industrial robots, it is capable of meeting the demanding precision and stability requirements of the aerospace industry.

Broetje-Automation is also a driver of innovation in another robotics trend: Collaborative robots, so-called COBOTs, are intelligent tools that close the gap between manual work on the shop floor and fully automated large-scale systems. Broetje-Automation has already successfully demonstrated various applications in aircraft production. The spectrum ranges from pure assembly support to more complex operations such as drilling, riveting or sealing.

With the constant further development of its service portfolio, the traditional company is well equipped for the next 40 years of innovation in aircraft production.

PowerRACe is the first robot specifically designed for applications in the aerospace industry developed by Broetje-Automation. Photo: Broetje-Automation GmbH
The success story of Broetje-Automation began in 1979 with a Flexiport loading system for the automotive industry. Photo: Broetje-Automation GmbH


Strong presence for Broetje-Automation in China

Exhibiting at the China International Import Expo in Shanghai and the Airshow China, Broetje-Automation was present at two leading international trade fairs.

SHANGHAI/ZHUHAI. The Chinese market is becoming increasingly important for the international aerospace industry. Broetje-Automation has been present in this market for many years. This year Broetje-Automation took part in two leading international trade fairs in China in order to further expand customer and supplier relationships and deepen existing partnerships.

The Airshow China in Zhuhai is the largest and most important trade show for the aerospace industry in China and is actively supported by the Chinese central government. Besides showcasing the latest products and initiating business relationships within the industry, the show also includes numerous conferences on current developments and technologies in the aviation industry as well as an extensive flight program. The exhibition takes place every two years in Zhuhai, China.

Broetje-Automation was present at the Airshow China for the third time. As part of the German Pavilion organised by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWI) in cooperation with the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA) and the Federal Association of the German Aerospace Industry (BDLI), Broetje-Automation presented its extensive product range for automated production processes in the aerospace industry. With 33 exhibitors, the German Pavilion was a great success and received the "Outstanding Pavilion Award" for its good joint appearance.

Another highlight for Broetje-Automation was the participation in the China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai, which took place for the first time. More than 3,600 exhibitors from over 172 countries took the opportunity to position themselves for future business in the booming Chinese market. The presence of German industry at CIIE was also impressive: in addition to Broetje-Automation, 170 companies from Germany were represented at the Import Expo in Shanghai.

Holger Mayländer, Chief Sales Officer, was satisfied with the trade show appearances in China: "The Chinese market is one of our strategic growth markets. We were able to make numerous new contacts and had good discussions at both trade fairs. We met with many of our customers on site. The perfectly organized German Pavilion under the umbrella of the Federal Ministry of Economics was very helpful for this".

Broetje-Automation is the world's leading expert for specialized production processes in the aerospace industry. 850 employees, located worldwide, plan and implement highly efficient solutions for the assembly of aircraft. The spectrum ranges from individual tools to a wide variety of assembly systems, from composite manufacturing to turnkey applications of entire manufacturing systems. Broetje-Automation is thus able to offer efficient turnkey production solutions for all aircraft types.


Broetje-Automation among the TOP 10 Robotics Solution Providers 2018

CIO Applications Magazine recognizes Broetje-Automation for providing solutions transforming the aerospace industry.

Robotics and automation have become an integral part of today's industrial manufacturing environment. As a multidisciplinary technology that brings together mechanical and electrical engineering, software and IT, robotics integrates traditional manufacturing solutions with new cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things under the umbrella of the much-discussed Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0). This trend is creating new opportunities in many production-related industries such as the aerospace and automotive industries.

Broetje-Automation has been driving robotics forward with its products together with customers, research partners and suppliers in the aviation industry for 40 years. The magazine "CIO Applications" has therefore listed Broetje-Automation in its annual "TOP 10 Robotics Solution Providers 2018" award.

Dr. Axel Peters, Chief Technology Officer at Broetje-Automation, explains the current technological developments at Broetje-Automation in a guest article. With the "PowerRACe" it Broetje has developed a robot tailored to the individual needs of the aviation industry. PowerRACe offers up to 50% better efficiency and performance compared to traditional robot solutions.

Read the full interview here

Learn more about PowerRACEe

Welcome to the new homepage of Broetje-Automation GmbH

Our trade fair dates 2018

Broetje-Automation is exhibitor at the following trade fairs

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

JEC World 
Paris, France 
International Composites Event
March 06. - 08., 2018
Hall 5, Booth E56

More information:  http://www.jeccomposites.com/events/jec-world-2018


ILA Berlin
Berlin, Deutschland
April 25. – 29., 2018

More information: https://www.ila-berlin.de/en

China International Import Expo
Shanghai, China
05. - 10. November 2018

Airshow China
Zhuhai, China
November 06. – 11., 2018
More information:  http://www.airshow.com.cn/en/

Our trade fair dates 2017

Broetje-Automation is exhibitor at the following trade fairs


We are looking forward to welcoming you!


JEC World
Paris, France
International Composites Event
March 14. - 16., 2017
Hall 5a, Booth E46/E54

More information: http://www.jeccomposites.com/events/jec-world-2017


MAKS 2017
Moscow, Russia
July 18. – 23., 2017
Comment booth with BDLI

More information: https://www.aviasalon.com/en


China Composites Expo 2017
Shanghai, China
September 06. – 08., 2017


SAE 2017 AeroTech Congress & Exhibition
Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas, USA
September 26. – 28., 2017
More information: http://www.sae.org/events/atc/


Broetje-Automation welcomes new shareholder Shanghai Electric

On October 20th., Shanghai Electric Group (SEC) has acquired a 100-percent stake in Broetje-Automation GmbH, from Deutsche Beteiligungs AG (DBAG), DÜRR AG and minor shareholders.

Shanghai Electric (www.shanghai-electric.com) is a diversified company listed in China (both in Shanghai and Hong Kong), operating in the sectors of new energy equipment, high efficiency and clean energy, industrial equipment and modern services.

The investment in Broetje-Automation is targeted at expanding the company’s activities in the area of automation technology. Broetje-Automation will act as the lead company in the new business field “Aerospace Automation".

Broetje-Automation has been operating in China for more than six years and is meanwhile providing the entire product portfolio there. Shanghai Electric is our preferred partner, since it will support the independent development of Broetje-Automation in Europe, USA, China, Russia and Japan.

Shanghai Electric will also support Broetje-Automation in reaching our growth objectives in the most attractive and fastest growing aircraft markets in the world. Together we will ensure our world market‘s leadership for drilling/riveting machines and push on the divisions Assembly and Services to global leaders.


BA Japan K.K.

Foundation of BA Japan K.K. in Nagoya

In the last decades Broetje-Automation has successfully installed a large number of automated fastening systems in Japan. To strengthen our local presence in Japan and to enhance our repair, maintenance and upgrade services to our installed base and future machines, BA Japan K.K. was founded end 2015 in Nagoya.
With this set-up we will improve our communication with business partners and customers and support for future sales projects. BA Japan K.K. will consequently hire new staff and intensively train them in the headquarters. In Nagoya we made our first step to directly serve the majority of our installations. Further steps we will be able to serve every Japanese customer site.


Broetje-Automation moves into new Headquarters

The time has come. After five years of planning and one year of intensive construction, the new Broetje-Automation Headquarters are complete. Consisting of a new production hall; a four storey administration building; and a staff restaurant, the headquarters have been built on approximately 35,000 m2 land situated at the industrial area of the motorway junction Oldenburg-Nord.

Around 450 Broetje-Automation employees will be working together in Rastede.  Previously the employees were based on two sites.  One of these sites was in Jaderburg, where the Services and R&D divisions were based.  The second site was in Wiefelstede, which was home to the Production, Administration and Consulting divisions.

“Greater flexibility and faster reaction times will be necessary in the future in order to address the rising challenges of the market.” said Bernd Schröder, the CEO of Broetje-Automation.  “For this reason, we are removing the physical separation of the two sites and combining our Know-How to one group headquarters, which has been built based on the latest findings of labour research.”  Shorter lines of communication between the individual areas; more flexible production; and an improved flow of material will enable customer orders to be processed faster than ever.

“Our Company has grown tremendously in recent years – we urgently require space for more work areas.” reports Bernd Schröder.  “At the new location we are able to offer our employees individual work areas and provide them with a pleasant working environment.  The work of our Project Teams is also going to play a more central role in the future; therefore the work stations and meeting areas will be more interlinked.”

Using the latest technology, the meeting areas in the new premises have been designed as interactive spaces.  This encourages both global exchange between the different business locations, and collaboration with international customers.  Additionally, “Quiet Areas”, and so called “Think-Tanks” will be available to enable the employees to work without disruption. 

“The attractiveness of the work areas and the tasks themselves will be raised to new levels in all departments.   This, in turn, will contribute to the success of the Company.” continues Schröder.

Gutperle Grundbesitz GmbH from Viernheim, was secured as an experienced rental investor.  With a focus on commercial real estate, this investor has managed over one hundred properties over the last four decades, and currently rents around 700,000 m2 of building space.  In recent years, property projects for the Mars Group, Daimler AG, Lidl and the Deutsche Telekom have been implemented.

This cooperation is a secure basis for the future planning of Broetje-Automation in the long term.

Freytag & v.d. Linde Gmbh from Oldenburg carried out the construction management.  Due to particularly good cooperation, and a great commitment from the company, all time schedules were met and the building could be occupied as planned.

“A huge thank you to all the companies and individuals involved in the construction, as well as to our employees, who, with their ideas and commitment, have contributed to the success of reaching this milestone in our Company history.” emphasised Bernd Schröder.  The Company is looking forward to continuing to write its success story as a leading global manufacturer of production systems for the Aerospace Industry.     

The new address is as follows: 

Broetje-Automation GmbH      
Am Autobahnkreuz 14                
26180 Rastede
Telefon: 04402-966-0 
Telefax: 04402-966-290

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